How to Get Blank or Invisible Name in Among Us

You might have noticed if you’re actively playing the Among Us that people have the hidden name in the game. Means you can’t read who’s behind the people, yeah most of the players don’t use their real name in the online games. But surprisingly there a glitch in the game and it seems cool and interesting that how they’re hiding their names. So here’s how to get a blank or invisible name in Among Us and make other players wonder how the hell he’d hide his name.

This glitch has been patched in the recent major updates of the PC version of Among Us don’t panic if it won’t work on the PC.

And it may also be patched in the mobile version but until now people are using enjoying this trick and making other people wondering and having a hard time identifying the players who are aware of this invisible name in Among Us glitch.

It’s just a matter of a Unicode Character which seems like space ” “

How to Get Invisible Name?

So if you want to try this out yourself then here’s little guide that help you to get the blank name.

First of all, you need to copy the blank space “ㅤ” (without quotes) it’s not actually space but a Unicode character which you can also copy from here on the clipboard, this glitch won’t work if you type the space manually in the Name field.

Second, once copied that blank space, now open up the Among Us and go to Enter Name. There you’ll have to delete your previous name.

Now tap and hold on the Name field and paste the blank which have been copied on your clipboard. You’ll see nothing in the name. Just hit Done!

Now you can check if this glitch is work by starting or joining a match and other players will have trouble in identifying who the hell is this without name LOL!

This glitch would be patched in the upcoming major updates in the mobile version so don’t be disappointed if you’re reading this post after the update releases.

If you’re stuck somewhere while following this post then you can also watch this video to get the blank name in Among Us.

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Last Words

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