Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide 2021

Shoreline Map Tarkov is the second-largest map that was added to the game. This guide shows the things that you need to know before spawning in the Shoreline map, as this map is the larger one than other so it is recommended to study first before you get into battle.

The Shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov gives players to many places to loot, weapons, and the several extraction points. The location is set in the outskirts of the Tarkov featuring the village, agricultural fields, beaches, and more other places. As it is the largest map of the game, it has the save to fight with you and there are around 10 players roam in the map for battle.

Some other maps like Woods are smaller than this one. If you want briefly explained the map, you can check our Woods Map Guide also to ensure in case you’d missed anything there.

Shoreline Map Tarkov Guide

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline 3D Map

The main theme of the shoreline map is the RESORT. The 3-floor building in the middle of the map, an incredibly great place for the loots and items. But also dangerous as the many players also there for the loots and hanging around there.

The Resort falls on the east-west wing side of the map and there’re also other major regions like a power plant, Villa and estates, Gas Station, Marine, Scav Island, Weather station, Downton, and Marina. The Radio Tower near the power station is good for the Sniping position. Be careful while you go for these areas as the players are already at the high places for sniping.

Spawn Points

PMC Spawn points in the Shoreline Tarkov map lies along the boundaries of the map and these are widespread across all directions of boundaries. As there are many spawn points across the map so you might be spawned likely on the east and west side of the map and some of the lucky ones might get spawned in the middle of the map i.e near the Resort.

Extraction Points

The extraction points in the map can be approached through the coast road. As the 2 major extracts points are located at the end of the road so it easy to find both the extract point just go along the road on both sides. Some other extracts can be found near the pear boat, Lighthouse, Svetily dead End, and Rock Passage.

The easier way to explore the entire map, just follow the coast road all along or follow the electrical towers, this will lead you to some major place int the Shoreline map.


Shoreline Map Tarkov Guide

The Resort is the 3 Main building connected by the glass walkways. The Resort is the 3-floor building to the east and west wing area split by the theatre building. Both buildings have 3 floors and also have roof access for exiting the building. The roof can be reached by the edge stairs both buildings have the edge stairs.

The best route to reach out the Resort without taking the too long way, if you’re close to the Pier Boat, then follow the straight road side of the river to the middle of the map

Or if you’re not around the pier boat or can’t find the road? then just follow the electrical towers where they are heading towards and it will lead you to the power station, and you can see the Resort building from the power station easily. Just follow the path to the Resort.


One of the good loot locations is to go to the pier boat extract in a multi-story building. There you’ll find a multi-story power station building the scavs hanging around with players over there and might be camping/sniping at the top of the building just look around and make sure no one spot you before you identify them.

The Terminal can find below the Reasor in the middle of the map with the West Wing Key, Loose Loot, Dead Scav, Weapons box, Jacket, and good loot. A bus terminal is a good place for the loot. If you about to leave the Resort area make sure to go Terminal check out there.

Another place for good loot is the island near the tunnel exit but there you’ll find some more scavs there and most probably they might be camping around there so better check for them before crossing.

For further learning the Shoreline Tarkov map watch out this 5-minute video by the NoiceGuy you’ll get everything you need to know as stated in this guide.

So this is a brief explanation fo the Takrov Shoreline map. Hopefully, you’ll get the idea about what things you must know before entering the shoreline. The boss is scavs you must aware while exploring the loots roaming around. We also have a guide for the Interchange map, do check this out if you’ll do the interchange after Shoreline.

I hope you did like this quick guide, if yes then consider it to sharing with your gamer friends and help them to deep dive into the Shoreline map. Also subscribe to for more Escape From Tarkov guides, maps, loot locations, points of interest, extraction points, and way more. Till then stay tuned.

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