Want to Get Free Robux? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Hey, if you come over here then you might be looking for free Robux right? Yeah, that’s why you’re on this page. First of all, let me tell you one thing that I’ve noticed which is every second Roblox player looking for free Robux to purchase any of their favorite things and virtual goods in the game.

If you’re also one of the users who is searching for some things and brainstorming with those uncleared doubts regarding Robux like…

Is it true? Can I really get Robux for free? Is there any way to earn free Robux? and other lots of similar questions about this thing.

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You need not to worry about this anymore, and giving the stress to your mind about the Robux leave out all the rest on us. In this post, we’re gonna clear all your doubts about can you really get Free Robux and kinda questions. Moreover, we will also share some other ways to get Robux in the Roblox game so you can easily enjoy stuff that you wanted to have.

What are Robux?

Before we move towards the ways to get Robux, let me first tell you what is the Robux? why people are mad to acquire it? what’s the use of Robux?

Basically Robux is the in-game currency that is used to purchase things and virtual goods from the market place in the Roblox game. Roblox is a very popular online game creation platform that allows the users to play the game created by other users. Similiar you can create your own game so other users can play in it.

Roblox has a vast selection of game genre, you can play many categories from racing to RPG or Simulation to obstacle courses.

So, what are they use for?

Besides purchasing the virtual goods and kinda stuff from the in-game store, Robux allows the player to create the game passes and join other games created by various users. You can do a lot more things in the game with Robux. Remember Robux are different from the Roblox promo codes, but the aim is the same. Check out the Working Roblox promo codes to acquire the free accessories and cosmetics items in your inventory.

Things you need to know before you get Free Robux

Let’s come to your main concern about getting free Robux money in the Roblox game. Here’re some points I mentioned after researching for hours on the internet come to the conclusion i.e.


You can’t get Robux for free. Yeah, its true no one can get free Robux. There’s no way to get the game currency for free that is only available to purchase from the real money. The company has already stated on their official page that you can’t acquire the Robux without spending the real money.

Perhaps you’re now sad and your excitement turned into disappointment. But wait, we won’t let you go from this page without giving you something.

No worries 🙂 you can still get free Robux but in a legit way not from the third-party apps/sites that are actually scamming the users at the name free Robux. We have genuine ways to earn free Robux are listed below.

Get Free Robux From Roblox’s Affiliate Program

If you don’t know, Roblox has an affiliate program that gives you the free Robux when you sign up for a new player via your affiliate link. It’s just like affiliate marketing you’ll get the Robux as the commission reward and that’s a very easy way to earn free Robux without spending a penny. For more details on how to get started with Affiliate Program refer to this article.

Create you own game

As Roblox allows you to create your own custom game and other player can play it. But you that you can earn the Robux from your own custom made game? Yes if your game get popular and played by lots of users.

Roblox provides the game creation platform that doesn’t require the coding, you can make your own game and you need to be as creative as possible in order to make a popular game. For an example of popular Roblox games are obstacle courses.

There are a bunch of other games available in the catalog you can do reverse engineering on them and get an idea of what you need to create so that other players would love to play it. There are many helpful guides available on YouTube that help you to create the best game in Roblox.

Selling Game Passes For Robux

Another way to earn some Robux for free without spending real money. Suppose your game is ready and already it is played by lots of players across the server. So, you can make it their purchase. You can seel the game pass of your own game to other players who want to play your game.

Game passes are free to create. Then you can sell them for the amount of Robux you choose.

Join Roblox Membership

The last method to get some Robux in your Account. Unlike other ways tis one required you to spend money on purchasing the membership account of Roblox.

In this you need to have a premium Roblox membership then you get access to special stuff that is not available for the regular players. Moreover, you can receive the Robux Stipends with this membership. Also, you can sell, buy, and trade the item in the market place that’s also a great thing about the Premium membership.

So we recommend you to consider joining the membership and get access to all cool stuff to get most out of it. The pricing of the membership accounts shown in the image above.

Some Final Words

As we all know there’s nothing is free in this world, everything has some cost either it’s a job, exchanging something, or real money. So the purpose of this post was to make you aware of is it possible to get free Robux if yes then how?

You may see many things that claim to get free Robux around the internet, but they are nothing but the delegitimize things. So, always try to avoid such things and keep your account safe from being stolen. Hopefully, still you get some genuine ways to get Free Robux within the game, if you liked this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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If you any questions feel free to ask in comments and subscribe to Engamez.com for more useful Roblox guides just like this one, till then stay tuned.

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