How to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends 2021

Riot Games have announced some new gimmicks in the League of Legends. This year 2021, you’ll see some new gimmicks, in the game language we call it, Skins or Prestige Skins. Our guide on how to get Prestige Points to help you to buy the Prestige Skin in League of Legends. These Prestige skins will only available as loot fo the Hextech Crafting. So may get the loot randomly in the game at different levels.

In this guide we’ll show you some ways to earn the Prestige Points, that can be used to purchase the Prestige Edition Skins from the market place. Riots Game release the Prestige Edition Skin in LOL for a period of time. So you may have to keep your eyes always on the news and the LOL marketplace for the Skins.

Before you move to earn Prestige Points, if you’re newbie in LOL, here’s the following things you need to know about the Prestige Edition Skins that you can use for your Champion.

The last year 2019, the Prestige Skins are announced by the Riot Games in LoL are available till the February 3, 2020.

SkinsCost / Prestige Points
Blood Moon Aatrox100
Fuzz Fizz100
K/DA Ahri100
Star Guardian Neeko100
K/DA Evelynn100
Bewitching Miss Fortune100
Pulsefire Thresh100
Points Available from December 2020 to May 2021

So if you’ve missed these Prestige Edition Skins, don’t worry. You still have another chance to get some new Skins for your champion. Besides the last year, Riot Game has announced another batch of the following skins for the given time of period.

SkinsCost / Prestige Points
Pulsefire Lucian Prestige EditionUnavilable
Coven Zyra Prestige Edition100
True Damage Senna Prestige Edition100
Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition2000 Galaxies 2020 Points
Points Available from December 2020 to May 2021

How to Get Prestige Points in LOL?

To earn the League of Legends Prestige Points, you need to earn them by playing the game or can buy directly from the in-game store.

There are different options for you can get the prestige points and buy the available Skins form the in-game store. Therefore we’ve summarized the ways to earn the points and that would be easier for you.

Masterwork Chest

Masterwork Chest Opening

Earlier Masterwork Chest was the only way to get the Prestige Point in League of Legends. This is the paid way to get the points but it will save your time from spending the hours in completing the LOL missions.

In other words, this is the most easy and time saving way to collect the points directly in your account.

  • 80 RP: 1 Masterwork Chest & Key Bundle (including 1 Prestige Point)
  • 400 RP: 5 Masterwork Chests & Keys (Including 6 Points)
  • 800 RP: 10 Masterwork Chests & Keys (Including 11 Points)

Be sure before spending your points that you got from the Masterwork Chest. As you can get anything from the chest so here’s the table of chest show the probability of what you could get.

ContentsProbability (%)
Skin Shard70%
190 Orange Essence10%
Emote Permanent10%
Ward Skin Shard + 55 Bonus Orange Essence10%

As we’ve said this way is expensive but the fast. So it’s totally up to you, if you don’t want to play the game for a long and save your time then you can consider purchasing it.

Event Passes

Event Pass is another way to get Prestige Points in League of Legends. Rios Game hosts the events throughout the year. The LoL player can purchase the Prestige Points from the Event shop when an Event is running. Right now, the Galaxies 2021 Event is running from March 3, 2020, and it will end on May 12, 2021.

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However, you can check other upcoming LOL events, if you want the event pass to purchase the points. You can get the Galaxies 2020 event pass for 1650 RP, for reference you can get 1380 RP for $10 and 650 RP for $5.

When you got the event pass then youc an geenerate the tokes for the every mission your pay. The event passes would be eglible for the TeamFight Tactics too.

Playing the games once you generated enough tokens. You can also generate the bonus tokens for you “First Win of the Day” of the Season. You can use those generated tokens to purchase the Prestige Points. For 100 Prestige Points, you need to generate 2200 Tokens. More you generate more prestige points you can earn.

Note: Remember when the event is gonna end? As Galaxies 2020 ends on 12th May. So, any tokens left in your account will get expire and the shop will close.

Playing Summoner’s Rift & Howling Abyss Maps

Players can earn the free Prestige Points by playing the game in a 5v5 multiplayer map. In this game, your team has to destroy the enemy’s nexus in order to complete the mission. Similarly, you can play the game in Howling Abyss (ARAM) map.

You can generate up to 25 Prestige Points by playing the game in these two maps, and you can also play even TeamFight Tactics to earn the PP.

Milestone Missions

Playing and completing the Milestone Mission will reward you with the extra Prestige Points. If you have an event Pass then you don’t need to spend your money again in order to get Prestige Points. You can use the same event pass for playing these missions and make some progress in your game. The Galaxies 2020 Event

There are complete 20 Milestone Mission in Galaxies 2020, here’s a list of rewards you earn from completing the Milestone missions. These Reward’s list also contains the PP so it’s also an easy way to get LOL Prestige Points.

You’ll get these cool goodies , items, Prestige Points, Skins and way more by playing the Milestone missions.

No. of Milestone MissionsRewards
Mission 1Galaxies 2020 icon
Mission 25 Prestige Points
Mission 310 Win XP Boost Consumable
Mission 45 Prestige Points
Mission 5Animated Did You Just?
Mission 65 Prestige Points
Mission 71500 Blue Essence
Mission 85 Prestige Points
Mission 9Emote: Hehehe
Mission 105 Prestige Points
Mission 11Emote: Don’t Be Afraid!
Mission 121500 Blue Essence
Mission 13Little Legend Series 1-4 Egg
Mission 14Mystery Emote Permanent
Mission 151 Gemstone
Mission 16Hextech Key
Mission 171 Masterwork Chest
Mission 18750 Orange Essence
Mission 19Galaxies 2020 Orb
Mission 201 Gemstone

These Missions can only be completed in sequential order, you have to complete the one milestone mission before moving on the next.

These are all possible ways to get LOL prestige points that you can use to buy the Prestige Edition Skins for your Champion. Some options might cost you and others are just require your gameplay skill. I hope you got it that how to get Prestige Points in League of Legends. So what Skin you’re gonna purchase from the in-game shop for your player? Let us know in the comments.

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