Genshin Impact: Guide to quickly increase your Adventure Rank


Genshin Impact is a fairly complex game. It is very easy to level up in many games, but in this game fortunately there is more to just unlocking characters and leveling them up. You can rank-up your characters in this game too but there is more to it. This post is a guide to lead you to increase Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact.

However, Genshin Impact is a nice game to play in. It is based on Gasha mechanics which is nothing but comparable to the capsule-toy vending machine mechanics. In this game you can play for free, i.e. it is a Free To Play i.e. FTP role-playing game. But you need to spend the currency within the game to go for new characters.

If you are wondering what Adventure Rank is, then for your knowledge it is an account-oriented rank. In this whenever, Adventure Rank increases you can claim many rewards of various types. This game is multiplayer and your Adventure Rank affects it in a big way. That is so because you need to achieve a certain rank to be able to unlock this facet of the game.

It is possible to increase Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact and you can do it quickly as well. Please read on to find out.

Ways to increase your Ranks quickly

The major ways to increase your Ranks is by the following main ways:

  • Opening chests
  • Discovering new areas
  • Finding Fast Travel waypoints
  • Beating bosses
  • Clearing Dungeons
  • Finishing any – story/side/daily – quest

Exploring is the best way to start the game. Initially you would be assigned only a rank of 1. To explore you can go everywhere possible and leave nothing unexplored. For example, open one and all of the chests in fast travel pillars. And yes, do kill everything which stands in your way.

Mid-game is where the going gets a little tougher as it requires a lot more XP to level up. But do not worry you will get plenty more stuff as well to increase your Adventure Rank faster.

At Rank 12, there is a daily quest called ‘Commission Quest’. It becomes available only after this level. You can do this quest daily to gain XP quickly for your Adventure Rank. With every quest you can gain upto 400XP. That is pretty cool. Isn’t it?


This game is really thrilling and it gets more interesting as you advance. Make sure you have a sound team and all the players are tuned in to keep exploring as that is the fastest way to gain Adventure Rank.

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