How to Unlock 57 Leaf Clover in Risk of Rain 2

As the company rolling out the new update in the Risk of Rain 2, there’ll be more items and equipment we get to see in the game. These items upgrades as the player goes more further in the game. This scales those items that your character is using. Over 70+ items are available in the game that players can use to immortalize their character in the single run. If you’re our regular reader then you must have known we love to try out the different items in the game. We already covered the best Lunar items that you can put on your character to enhance his power and become dominant in the game. Today we’re gonna share a more beneficial item i.e 57 Leaf Clover in Risk of Rain 2.

This Engamez’s guide helps you know more about the 57 Leaf Clover. This is the unlockable rare item in ROR 2. As it visually defines the same as the 56 Leaf clover but the working and the benefits you’ll get from it are quite different.

57 Leaf Clover in Risk of Rain 2

The 57 leaf Clover is a special ROR2 item getting it isn’t an easy task. This one helps in rolling the effects of all random effects by incremental per stack times for a favorable outcome. In other words, the 57 Leaf clover affects random effects. If a proc isn’t achieved in one roll, then it will be rolled once again it repeats until it reaches the numbers of player that has clovers. So this is the short intro regarding 57 Leaf Clover how it functions. To get more deep in this and know what does 57 Leaf Clover do? and how to get it? We split this guide on how to unlock this item to get this in your logbook.

What Does 57 Leaf Clover Do?

Now the major concern for you about this item is how you can equip it? Well, we’ll also tell you how do you unlock it, but before we acquire it, let’s know what it will do for you? and how beneficial it would be? Because before putting efforts into getting something we must know that is it worth it.

Let’s say you got this Clover item and it is now available in your inventory. So this item will help in this way. If you’re using any item to do some sort of attack or any proc that you want to achieve and if somehow or unfortunately the proc ain’t get successful, then 57 Leaf clover helps you give another chance to second attempt with that item in order to get a favorable outcome.

And if the Proc achieved successfully in the first attempt then the 57 Leaf Clover won’t activate as it doesn’t need.


If the item succeeds in first roll, the clover will not activate.

Like other items have stacks on the Risk of Rain 2 that help in if you have a list of character then you can assign those items to your every character. Similarly, 57 Leaf Clover also does have a stack. Every clover present in the stack, you’ll have the same number of rolls.

The number of clovers you have = Number of attempts your item can proc.

For instance, suppose you have 3 57 Leaf Clovers in your inventory so your items can roll their attempts three times.

How to Unlock 57 Leaf Clover

Now we know how useful this item is, no doubt 57 Leaf Clover is an incredibly useful item in the Risk of Rain 2, and acquiring it is equally difficult. To get this item in your inventory you have to face go through the very tough challenge in the game.

To unlock the 57 leaf clover you have to complete the 20 stages only in a single run. In this challenge, you have to go through all 20 levels facing the bosses at every level. It is really hard to complete this challenge in the first try. And if failing again and again then it seems pretty impossible to defeat the bosses of all 20 stages.

So in this regard, you first make sure to add and use the items that help you in this challenge. Moreover, you can take the help of your friends by inviting them to complete this challenge in order to get 57 Leaf Clover. If you fight together with your team at every stage then it is more likely to possible to complete all 20 stages in a single run and also you’ll not have to deal with massive mobs all alone.

So this how you can acquire this leaf clover. Hopefully, you’ll get a useful item in your logbook. If you liked this post, share it with your friends and help them out getting this item by joining their team. For more Risk of Rain 2 Guide follow the Engamez on Twitter and Facebook. Till then stay tuned and enjoy ROR2.

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