The Top 3 Pros and Cons of The Jaybird VS Freedom Earbuds

The love and passion for music have paved the way for a lot of technological improvements to facilitate excellent enjoyment of sound at all times. Off all musical gadgets, headphones have commanded the most attention, especially when it comes to freedom and convenience when listening to music. Over the recent years, a number of people have opted for wireless headphones in place of the wired ones. Jaybird and Freedom earbuds are among the wireless headphones that currently boast a wide user adoption. The two earbuds are designed and made by the same consumer electronics company, Jaybird. However, the two gadgets have a few differences that come out when critically compared. These distinctions that can be summarized into a triplet of merits and demerits are categorized into;

  1. Freedom in connection

The connectivity experienced is the utmost factor under consideration while targeting while a wireless headphone. Both the Jaybird and Freedom earbuds can be connected to Bluetooth 4.1, a smart technology that not only enabled interlinking of headphones to musical devices but also engineers connections between the ‘Internet of Things.’. In fact, you can use either of the two headphones to connect to the same device. That is to say, if you and your friend or spouse want to listen to the same music, you can wirelessly link two different Jaybird or Freedom earbuds on the same device, at the same time. Additionally, the gadgets allow you to listen to music on a device and still be able to receive your phone calls using the settings.

Notwithstanding, the Freedom earphones have a disadvantage when it comes to connection. A number of users of the earbud have complained about poor connection when the line of sight is lost, or instability suffered by the source.

  1. Sound quality

A number of reviews, such as the jaybird x3 vs freedom J5 generally accord Jaybird products a higher rating when it comes to sound quality. These two earbuds are no different, and you can be sure to enjoy excellent music when using either of the two. However, the noise cancellation property in Jaybird is not as strong as that of Freedom. Hence, the latter lets you enjoy unpolluted music in a noisy place. Furthermore, you will have to speak through the mouthpiece to boost your clarity while using Jaybird. On a different note, the Freedom gadget also has its sound issues, given that it suffers from interferences, as it doesn’t have outstanding isolation like the Jaybird.

  1. Usage time

Finally, battery life is another vital consideration while purchasing an earphone, as this determines its total usage time. To get one hour of playtime, you will need 5 minutes quick charge with Jaybird and 8 minutes quick charge with Freedom. Both earbuds can last you well over 8 hours when on a full charge. Thus, you will have decent usage time with whichever earbud you go for. However, you need to note that the Freedom earbud takes a longer time to attain full charge. The Jaybird, on the other hand, uses a micro USB in the charging clip, which is convenient to carry around. Ultimately, choosing your headphone will purely lie on your tastes and preferences.

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