How To Make Your Signature Mobile Friendly

From the other articles in our blog, you have probably already learned what an email signature is and how beneficial it can be. We always say that a properly designed signature can bring your marketing strategy to a completely new level. This small element makes your business grow with every outgoing email.

How to use this business opportunity to the maximum? In our articles, we have many great tips and ideas to help you answer this question. This time, we are going to talk about one more factor that can increase the effectiveness and potential of your email signature. We will tell you how to make your stamp mobile-friendly.

How to make signature mobile friendly

Why Make Your Signature Mobile-Friendly?

It is okay if you are concerned about this. Let us give you a short insight into the statistics that will make all your doubts vanish:

  • On average, people around the world spend at least 3 hours each day using their mobile devices;
  • Users open about 50% of the total amount of incoming emails using their tablets or smartphones;
  • Less than 40% of email signatures are optimized for mobile devices.

How does this sound to you?

Now think of the fact that you are losing that 50 % of potential customers until you optimize your email signature. Doesn’t sound too good, right? Then what are you waiting for? Make your signature mobile-friendly now to use the maximum of its potential and reach for the better results.

How To Optimize Your Email Signature For Mobile Devices?

You can only include one signature to every email, which means that you have to think of its display on mobile devices in advance. Ideally, you should keep this in mind from the very first stage of the design process. If you do, you are doomed to succeed!

It is easy to optimize your design if you are using special software. For example, the templates provided on our website are designed to display well on all devices. We carefully test every option to ensure its mobile-friendliness. Thus, if you decide to use our templates for this matter, the design is totally up to you, and there is nothing you have to worry about.

Things get worse if you prefer to do this on your own. In this case, you have to think about many different things. You have to keep in mind the size of images, the amount of information, and the size of other elements.

If you want it to look great on different screen sizes, below are a few things you can do.

  • Don’t try to fit everything in one line

If, for example, your company’s address is too long, don’t try to put it all on one line. This could work for PC users but will probably look terrible on mobile devices. Instead, try putting it into 2 or more separate lines. This way, your address line will look more harmonic.

  • Use smaller pictures

One of the key elements that influence the signature’s mobile-friendliness is the size of the images you include. If you want your signature to display well on different screens, ensure you don’t include too large images.

  • Keep it concise

The more information you include, the harder it will be to optimize your signature. Therefore, we recommend shortening your text. Try to be clear and concise.

Another important tip is to adjust the links you provide. Instead of including long website links, add hyperlinks. This will help you save up more space and just make your signature look better.


  • Choose a suitable template

When deciding on which design to choose, you have to consider numerous things. For example, to choose a perfect layout, you need to first think of the width and length of the photo or logo you want to include. If it is wide, a vertical template should suit you much better than the horizontal one.

How To Create A Mobile-Friendly Signature Quicker And Easier?

It can be a real challenge if you try to adjust your email signature for mobile devices manually. Fortunately, we have a solution that will make this process simple and quick. Newoldstamp is the tool you need!

In our blog, you will find tons of helpful tips and tricks that will help you make the best use of your email signature. In addition, we have dozens of great email signature templates and a convenient online generator. With the help of these tools, you can turn designing your stamp into a quick and easy process!

Don’t Forget To Test It!

So, you have already done your best to make your signature mobile-friendly, what’s next? Although it may feel like you have done everything, there is one more step to make before you can set up your signature. Now, you have to test it.

It sounds obvious, but it is still worth reminding how important it is to make sure that your signature displays perfectly on different devices because some people still skip this part.

To see if your signature is ready to let the world finally see if you need to create a few test emails and view them from a PC, tablet, and smartphone. This way you will see if it looks good.

Also, not less important is to test the work of links, social media icons, and other elements of your stamp. After you are confident in the proper work of everything, you can go ahead and set your signature however you want it.

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