Warframe Best Dagger for Covert Lethality, Ash, Stances & More

Our Best Warframe Dagger guide will help you familiarize yourself with some of the top daggers that you must try in the Warframe before going out for a battle. We’ve curated this list on the basis of each dagger and categorized them on behalf of their properties for what situation which dagger would stand out the best one.

Daggers might not be choice of most users due to the fact of their base damage and many more weapons are available with much stronger capabilities. But these daggers can be used with effectiveness provided their use is well planned out from the beginning itself. Some Warframe Best Daggers do give many benefits in missions. They hold many surprises when used correctly.

Warframe Best Dagger List

This post is about picking up the Warframe Best Dagger out of the whole bunch of daggers available for you to see which one you would like to use.

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Here goes the list of every dagger along with their abilities that will help you to know more about each dagger and might give you on what situation which dagger you should use.

Rakta Dark Dagger

 This is the best dagger for covert lethality and it is a variant of the Dark dagger of the Rakta type. The properties are:

The unique ability to provide its holder an ability of stealth and evade the enemy’s detection. This increases the stealth of the player and reduces the detection power of the enemy. Another magnificent ability of this dagger is that enables to grant shields and renders the shield useless of the enemy when striking an enemy affected by radiation status effect.

You can deal with quick hits to your enemies. And while charging your enemies you can keep increasing shields instead of taking damage.

It mainly deals with radiation damage only and a high-speed attack.


It is somewhat like the rakta dagger in stealth and attack speed, but it deals with the toxin. This weapon has a rather decent critical chance.

It also has a good status chance. Given its speed, it should be a useful weapon in the hands of anyone.

Karyst Prime

This is the prime version of the Karyst Dagger, you’ll find this dagger more hand if you have used the Karyst early. THe karst has a low attack speed as compared to Karyst but has more damage dealing and status chance capacty.

Karyst Prime is longest range dagger in the Warframe. It has everything higher properties as compared to Karyst. So you must try this one.

Ceramic Dagger

This dagger has a bonus feature. Not too many people know about it.

This dagger can cause enemies to suffer from bleed damage on the fourth strike while dashing forward towards the enemy. This can cause an unalert enemy the player can cause a stealth kill.

Dark Dagger

Although the Dark dagger is a regular dagger, however, it has some nice stats.

It has radiation damage which in itself is a huge upper hand in a battle (depending upon the type of enemy you are battling). The base attack speed is quite high and allows you to make several hits. This can allow you to create critical or status effects.

If you want to deal with status effects on enemies and also utilize critical builds, then this is the ideal weapon of choice.

Heat Dagger

Its slam attack creates a blast of fire around the user which makes it differ from the normal slam attack. That is what is the passive with this weapon.

The kind of slam attack this dagger issues can cause decent damage over time as it leaves the enemies burning for some time.

 In certain missions the heat dagger can be highly useful to the player.


This dagger is barely available. Due to its lack of availability, this dagger is one of the hardest to obtain daggers.

When modded with planning Sheev provides a good status chance which is a nice thing particularly when considering its low attack speed. This dagger as well causes an explosion of fire when slam attacked.

Some Dual Daggers

Dual daggers are nothing but have two swords that will allow you to deal more damage and attack with more power.

Ether dagger

It resembles the Ether sword and you can earn it by completing the stolen dreams quest. You can purchase it from Nakak as well.

It is a pair of daggers and has decent slash damage at the base. But it has a high spin damage attack which you can utilize with different builds.

Ether daggers have a less amount of puncture and impact damage and puncture damage and it mainly deals with slash damage.

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It has three main components around which it is built. One is high attack speed, two, decent puncture, and three, slash damage.

It has a low critical chance, but don’t worry it has a good edge as it has high base attack speed which can guarantee you a good critical damage to enemies.

If you use this modded with elemental damage you will have a moderate amount of status chance.

Fang Prime

This dagger looks quite traditional, but it has good puncture damage along with a good spin attack damage.

 In fact if you are looking for a prime dagger type weapon in the game, then it is the only one which is available.

It has a low critical chance as well, but like all other daggers it has a fast attack speed and can easily build up a combo meter. It can also benefit from critical mods.


This weapon is the least used weapon but when modded can still be used. It is a weaker variant than fang Prime and it lacks any special attributes. But it has a decent amount of attack speed and a medium amount of damage. If you are out of weapons, then then this weapon could help you out.


We have some daggers with special mods. And one of these special mods is the Covert Lethality mod. This mod causes any finisher attack to instantly kill an enemy without giving it too many chances. Daggers can be useful in many such mods.

Hope this post could throw some light on the use of daggers which is otherwise not so popular weapon of choice.

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