Destiny 2: Forge Locations Completion Guide

Well to begin with forging you need to first have a good idea of destiny 2 forge locations. They are hidden in the worlds of Destiny 2. There are four of them. Finding these forges is not that easy particularly when you haven’t quite travelled so much. But in order to get lethal weapons and armor and stay afloat in the game, you definitely need to go and forge.

Destiny 2: Forge Locations

All the four forges are situated in the European Dead Zone and Nessus in this game. These are included in the annual pass and were added as part of the Black Armory DLC. You need to complete Ada-1’s bounties to be able to unlock the forges. Please don’t think of avoiding forging as you need to up your power level by forging powerful weapons and armors and forges enable you to do exactly that.

Location – Volundr forge

You can find Volundr forge in Sunken Islands in EDZ. The area is near the Cabal ship – Orobas Vectura towards the far north of it. You need to use the fast travel point in the sunken isles and keep going and keep left into the tunnels. Follow the route which goes into the cavern and then go right. You will see a doorway blocked by pillars. Continue further and you will find yourself in Volundr forge.

Location – Gofannon forge

The location of The Gofannon forge is on Nessus at the Artifact’s Edge fast travel point. Turn right and look into the crashed ship from the spawning point. You need to keep going. When you go past the ship and through one of those holes in the wall you find the path to enter Gofannon forge arena.

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Location – Izanami forge

The location of The Izanami forge is also the same as the above – Nessus. And Izanami forge is available at the rtifact’s Edge fast travel point as well. But there is a different route. You need to head straight towards the Hallows from the spawn point. Next, drop down through the hole and head towards the big sphere hanging from the roof. You will find a Vex gate to the side of the room. You need to simply pass through this gate to enter directly into the Izanami forge.

Location – Bergusia forge

This forge is unlocked in the Black Armory DLC and is the last one. You will find The Bergusia forge’s location in the EDZ, past Sojourner’s Camp, to the far south of it. If you are looking for one of Driter’s hidden messages you can find them here in Sojourner’s Camp. The best part of this forge location which actually makes it the best forge location is that you can forge any weapons’ frame here. Even if the frame is mentioning that it must be forged in some other location.

Every Destiny 2: Forge Locations in detail If you want to access the Bergusia forge, then you can begin at Trostland fast travel point and a sparrow on towards the outskirts. You must then move across the highway bridge where a Servitor Spawns. After you have crossed the highway find the tunnel and follow it. This tunnel opens into the camp area.

Cut through the camp area and jump over the broken bridge. When you do so you get to the path to Niobe Labs, please follow that path. You will reach a room full of enemies. You can jump across the balcony and stand by the door and it will open after a bit of wait.


Destiny 2 is as interesting as it can be. With forging new and mighty weapons and strong armor you can neatly have a clear edge over your opponents and can earn a lot of power level. The game gets a lot more challenging at higher levels. Hope this post helped.

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