Best Ways to Run Android on Your PC for Free

Did you hear of and most probably you love the android phones? unless you’re an iPhone lover. And have you ever think about using the entire Android operating system on your computer? that till know you used in a smartphone. No? So today let me tell you that you can run the Android OS on your PC easily without installing it on your computer or removing the existing OS from your PC. In this article, we have some best Android Emulator for Windows 10 that lets you play all Android games and run apps on your PC without any hassle.

Not all people might know that they can run the Android OS on their PC, there’re lots of solutions available for this problem to experience the Android OS on a computer, so here today we’re going to revise the same question but with the different and easy solution.

Why You Should Use An Android Emulator?

That’s one of most asked questions that might have also popped up on mind too. Why should you use an emulator? It’s not a rule that you should only use an emulator, you can also install an entire Android Operating System such as Android x86, Bliss OS, Remix OS, Phoenix OS and other, even you can dual boot android and windows 10.

Now let ask you a question, what’s the most important thing that forces you to use Android OS on PC? Apps & Games? Yes, of course!

So, your main purpose is to run Android games on your PC, and this can be done by installing or dual booting Android alongside Windows 10, but an emulator can do this is far better and more easily because emulators are developed keeping one thing in mind OPTIMIZATION and efficiency.

Yes, the emulator’s only purpose is just to use the Android Kernel, which helps in installing and running the Android application in it. These emulators are optimized in such a way that they consume fewer resources of your system and run the Android game smoothly with minimum frame drop (of course there will be some because emulator won’t make your PC a Smartphone lol 😛 ). So here we bring some free Android emulator for Windows 10 that you should try before installing or dual-booting Android.

Benefits of Using An Android Emulator

I hope you got my point, that why I recommend you use an emulator rather than using an Android OS on your PC. For more clarification, here are some benefits listed in points of using an Android emulator on your PC.

  • Easier Installation
  • No need to install Android alongside Windows 10
  • Take fewer resources of System
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10
  • Optimized for Games and Apps
  • Some Emulators have inbuilt MarketPlace like Play Store
  • Easier Games control mapping
  • Good Developer Support
  • Huge Community
  • Frequently Receiving Updates
  • Drag n Drop .apk file installation
  • Useful for App developers to test out the Apps
  • And Many More!

Best Android Emulator For Windows 10

So these are the best Android emulators for Windows 10, all of these emulators are free and some are comes with the paid version too. So I’ll tell you the detailed specifications about each emulator so that it will become easy for you to make your choice. Without further ado, let’s dive into Emulators!

BlueStacks: Top Rated Android Emulator For Windows 10

When it comes to Android Emulator, BlueStacks is one of the oldest, popular, and fastest android emulators for Windows 10. It has been a decade now since the BlueStack was launched. It’s a top-rated emulator for Android games and apps and available for both Windows and macOS.

BlueStacks: Top Rated Android Emulator For Windows 10

When there was no Android x86 or nothing to run Android apps on PC, it was only possible by the BlueStacks. BlueStacks have been in the market from the time when was the time of some old school Android flavors like Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich. Bluestacks offer you the most flexible Android environment in your PC, you can use WhatsApp on your PC, install Subway Surfer, and even Play PUBG Mobile.

It’s UI makes its more popular emulator in the market, from the installation to the UI, using BlueStacks is pretty much easier than others. BlueStacks is the most optimized Android emulator and runs the Android app and games efficiently and smoothly on your PC. BlueStacks is the free android emulator, you should install it on your desktop or laptop and you’ll experience the full Android Tablet experience.

Features of BlueStacks

  • Sharing files between Windows Explorer and BlueStacks
  • Easily Import APK files from your PC
  • Easily Game Control Mapping
  • Have a large community with full support
  • Available for macOS
  • Beautiful UI and easy to use
  • Receive Android Updates

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NOX Player

This emulator is mainly focused on gaming. The Nox Android emulator is another free android emulator, this emulator supports the large numbers of Android games, you can play the most popular android games like PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Asphalt 9, etc.

While gaming, Nox Player guarantee to run your game on 50FPS and gives the smoother gaming experience of Android games on your PC. Like BlueStacks, it also supports the Keyboard and mouse to easily mapping the Game controls. and you can also record the screen and gameplay, so if you have a gaming Youtube Channel then you can upload those gameplays and gain some good subscribers then, you can easily make some bucks.

One of the best thing about this emulator, it gives you the root access so, if you want to try some mod games and apps then you can install in Nox Player, It’s the already rooted Android emulator, Unlike Bluestacks you’ve to root it, but in Nox, you can simply enable root in your System settings.

Nox Player is also free Android emulator for Windows and also available for macOS

Features of Nox Player

  • Sharing files between Windows Explorer and BlueStacks
  • Run supported Android games
  • Designed for gaming purpose
  • Script Recording
  • Also available for macOS
  • Receive Android Updates
  • Pre-equipped with root access

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Genymotion is a bit different from the other Android emulators. This emulator is mostly used by the application developer for testing the apps and games, but you can use it to run your favorite Android apps and games on your PC.

It is also called an Android development tool like Android Studio to develop the apps. It’s a cloud-based Android virtual device alternative to Android Studio’s official emulator/virtual device. Genymotion is the fastest Android emulator for testing apps and it won’t lag on your PC.

Genymotion is a unique tool but not free, I suggest you to only buy this if you’re highly interested in the application development.

Features of Genymotion

  • Useful for App developers
  • Designed for App testing purpose
  • Android Virtual Device
  • Receive Android Updates

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MeMu is another nice Android emulator for Windows 10, as it supports both old AMD and Intel Chipsets that lets you run Android apps and games on your low-end PC. MeMu emulator is for low-end PC to experience the Android environment to play games like subway surfer, Temple RUN, Hill Climbing, and many more. You can play games on the 4K resolution if you have one because MeMu emulator supports 4K screening that you can connect your 4K TV via HDMI cable and enjoy the gaming on the big screen.

This emulator supports the 1 click APK installation means you can simply drag your apk file on the MeMu emulator and it will do the rest then, you run that apk file. It also it’s dedicated Market where you can download both free and paid apps & games.

In MeMu, you can assign the resources to it, which means you can use it as an app testing purpose, to check whether your app can run on this specification for device.

MeMu is also a free emulator available only for the Microsoft Windows Platform.

Features of MeMu

  • Sharing files between Windows Explorer and BlueStacks
  • 1 – click APK installation
  • Good for Low-End PCs
  • Receive Android Updates
  • Good UI and easy to use

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Remix OS Player

A few years ago Jide launched an Android OS based on the Android x86 Project and Linux called “Remix OS”. This was the best and beautiful Android OS the give you complete feel of the Android experience on your PC, but later Jide discontinued due to some reasons.

After discontinuing the Remix OS, Jide launched Remix OS Player and it is much better than their previous Remix OS because for Remix OS you need to install it alongside Windows, but the Remix OS player solved this problem. They packed the whole OS and converted into an emulator that’s how the Remix OS Player is developed.

The Remix OS Player free and easy to use and supports the multi-windows just like Windows 10 and it comes with a pre-installed Google Play store so, it would be easy for you to direct download your favorite apps and games and enjoy on your desktop or laptop. Remix OS Player is based on the Android 6 Marshmallow. Your system should support Virtualization. To enable this just, go to your BIOS settings and enable Virtualization, otherwise, this emulator won’t work on your PC.

Features of Remix OS Player

  • Easy to install and use
  • Pre-installed Google Play
  • Beautiful UI
  • Supports Multi-Window
  • Good for low-end PCs

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Windroy is just like another Android emulator on the list and it is the most simple android emulator it doesn’t have any Google Play and may not have the latest Android OS like Marshmallow or Pie.

This emulator uses the Windows Kernel and it’s very lightweight emulator doesn’t impact on your CPU and also uses the fewer resources. I’ve nothing much to share about Windroy and it is also small in size so if you want to try this, then you can download and install on your PC.

Features of Windroy Emulator

  • Light Weight
  • Easy to install
  • Easy Navigation
  • Highly compatible with old-end PCs

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Andy is one another most popular, stable, and free Android Emulator for Windows 10 just like the BlueStacks. It offers users the best Android Smartphone experience on the computer, as it packed with great features of Android that Andy brings those features to your computer.

Andy emulator is best for gamers and developers. For gamers, you can connect your gamepad, Xbox Controller, or PlayStation Controller and map the button then play the games with it, this makes the gaming experience to the next level. Besides gamers, the developers can also get benefits from the Andy emulator as it has its integrated virtual machine it is itself a virtual machine. And we all know Virtual machines can be configured easily so, you can modify and customize the hardware resources like RAM, Display Memory, and CPU in the settings. Developers can use it for testing and debugging their android applications.

I like Andy emulator after the BlueStacks and MeMu, maybe you’ll also like it and it’s free for Windows, and Andy doesn’t support 32-bit machines.

Features of Andy

  • Stable Android Emulator
  • Integrated Virtual Machine Configuration
  • For both gamers & developers
  • Support Game Controllers

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KoPlayer is another best Android emulator for PUBG Mobile and other Android games that you want to run on your PC. It comes with a pre-installed Google Playstore so you can download thousands of apps and games from there and enjoy on your PC. The KoPlayer Android emulator is based on the Android x86 Project so it runs the x86 Kernel and makes its faster than other emulators on the list.

KoPlayer supports the multiple online account features means you can install the dual WhatsApp or you can run Clash of Clans from 2 different accounts that are its most uniques and useful features. It also supports video records and shares the gameplays on social networking sites.

It also supports the high resolution on bigger displays. You should try the KoPlayer it’s a free and stable Android emulator for PC.

Features of KoPlayer Android Emulator

  • Multiple Online Accounts
  • Record Gameplays
  • Streamlines control by Keyboard mapping
  • Google Play

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Xamarin Android Player

Like Genymotion, Xamarin Android Player is also an IDE tool for application development. It is specially designed for developers, not for gamers.

This emulator can be used for the testing and debugging purpose of games and apps for Android. It’s just the same as the Android Studio integrated Virtual device emulators. So if you want to go in app development or app testing then I recommend you use the Xamaris Android emulator otherwise you can check others from the list.

Xamarin Android Player is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for free.

Features of Xamarin Android Player

  • For developing purpose
  • Use for App testing and debugging
  • It can integrate with the Microsoft Visual Studio for a larger development environment.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”×32.exe” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#39D266″ size=”5″ icon=”icon: download” rel=”nofollow”]Download Xamarin 32-bit![/su_button][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”×64.exe” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#39D266″ size=”5″ icon=”icon: download” rel=”nofollow”]Download Xamarin 64-bit![/su_button][/su_column][/su_row]

So there’re mainly two purposes of using an emaultor. The first one is for gaming purpose. Gamer can play the their favoruite Andoroi games on PC like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Clash of Clan and much and that’s really make easier to play Android games on PC without worying about the battery life of deivce, processor and GPU, becuase you’re playing phone’s games on computer and it is bvisly that Computer’s hardware is more powerful than the smartphone’s one. So, the best emualtor gamers can use for gaming are BlueStakcs, MeMu and other I’ve listed above.

The second purpose of using an Android emulator on PC for app development. Yes, developers using the Android Emulators for debugging and testing their apps and games. They don’t test the apps and games on a physical device because they consume a lot of time to install and reinstall the apps after every minor or major change to check out. So that’s why developers use the emulator like Genymotion, Xamarin Android player for testing the apps that help in RAD (Rapid Application Development), increase productivity, and save time.

Do you know we’ve another article published on List of Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC so if you want to try out the experience of an iPhone on your PC? then, do check out this article later. It will be also interesting as this one. 😉

Hope you liked this post and if there’s any other emulator that isn’t listed here so feel free to let us know in the comment we’ll add that too and also share with us which emulator you’ve download for what purpose and don’t forget to share this post with your friends who are also looking for the best Android emulator for Windows 10. 🙂

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