How To Download Paid iOS apps For iPhone or iPad For Free

Do you ever wonder if you get paid apps for free iPhone 5/6 Plus or any other iOS device?

Do you want to download paid apps for free iOS without jailbreak on your iPhone and iPad device?

Well, today in this post I’ll clear all of your questions and give something special to you that you’ll be able to download paid apps for free iOSThis post showing you that how can you get paid apps for iOS without Jailbreak your iPhone!!!! YES, you read it right without download paid games without Jailbreak your Apple iPhone devices.

Suppose if you have an iPhone or iPad and you have installed iOS 10 on it, but we all know that iOS device has so many restrictions and we can’t access its root, If you want to access your root of your iPhone then you need to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and it will harm your device and may be void your device warranty. So in this method, I’ll show to Download Padis apps and games for iOS 10 and latest without jailbreak your iPhone or iPod.

Download Paid Apps for free iOS without Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad

So here’s an easy method (July 2017 Updated) it requires no Mac,  No PC, no Cydia, and No Jailbreak iPhone and iPod you just need to follow below steps to download paid apps for free iPhone in iOS 10.

  1. Go to Appvalley page in your Safari browser and tap on the “Install App Valey” link, it will install a third-party app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. once the installation is finished, go back to your apps screen and you  might see an unknown app there (Don’t open it)
  3. No go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and tap on the developer profile of the AppValley.
  4. Once done now go back to your Apps screen and open the AppValley app and then Choose your paid app or game which you want to download.
  5. If you have the original version of that app which you want to download from App Valley, then remove it first (Original Version / Downloaded from App Store)
  6. Now Open the AppValley app and download any free paid apps for iPhone or any cracked game for free.

So this the best and latest method to download paid apps for iOS 10 without jailbreak so, I’ve also shared another method to get the latest paid iOS 10 apps for free.

Install Paid iOS 10 apps without Jailbreak using TuTuApp

This is a great and best method to download paid apps for free iPhone without the jailbreak, in this method you no need Mac, no Pc, No Cydia, and No jailbreaking device, this method is very easier than the above method.


There two versions available of this app one tutu helper which is completely free and the other is TutuVIP it is a paid version. Just follow the below steps to get paid apps for free in iOS 10 iPhone.

  • Open this link in your Safari browser (only)
  • And download the Regular/Free version to install tutuapp on your iPhone.
  • Now open this page and tap on the Green button that reads “Download Now”
  • Now tap on the “Install” it will install the tutuapp on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Once the installation is finished but we’re not just finished.
  • Now Open Settings >> General >> Profiles & Device Management and find the profile of tutuapp developer
  • Then Tap on the tutuapp developer profile and it will ask you to trust or cancel this profile, so tap on “Trust”
  • Now go back to your home screen and open the tutuapp and get ready to download latest paid iOS 10 apps for free without jailbreak

So this was another method to download paid apps for free iOS without jailbreak if you were able to install paid apps on your iPhone then make sure to share this post. In this post here I’ve also shared an alternative method of both the above methods to get paid iOS for free. You can read below on also.

Previously we’ve shared an article on how to fix Google Chrome Update failed (error code 11: 0x800706BA) problem, if your Google Chrome is not updated ed to latest version during updating you got the same error then you must read this guide below this guide will help you to fix this error and you Google Chrome will start to update itself 😉 But today going to share a way to get best-paid iOS apps for free without Jailbreaking.

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So let’s start this post which about how can you download iOS games and apps for your Apple devices like iPhones, iPod touch, and iPads, what’s your answer you every time purchase a new paid app or a game or you can download that app from external sources which the same app have high cost on App Store. I want to tell you something that most of the App Store users want to download highly cost paid app for free and due to this, they will Jailbreak their iPhone devices (Jailbreak is term just like rooting an Android Smartphone). You already know that rooting can unlock your Android Smartphone then you will install custom ROM as you want. The same as in iOS Jailbreaking allows you to remove Apple’s restrictions.

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In simple words, Jailbreaking is the term that it removes Apple’s default restriction & settings and it gives the users access to root and the file system of your iOS devices. But there are some disadvantages of Jailbreak listed below.

  • Your device not under the warranty
  • Some false apps
  • Possibilities of some small lags on your device
  • It will disable the SpellChecker
  • Few virus possibilities
install paid iOS apps for free on iPhone

So in this guide, we’ll show you a method then you’ll download and install the paid iOS apps for free on your iPhone without Jailbreak. So let’s follow below steps to install paid iOS app in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for free…:)

Download and install free paid iOS Games for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

To get top paid apps for free for your iPhone device just follow the below steps. Again this method is 100% working without Jailbreaking the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so don’t worry about your device just follow the below steps.

  1. First open this page on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Safari browser then tap on the iOS Version.
  2. Now choose the Non-Jailbreak version then a popup box will appear then tap on the Install, now the APPVN app is going to install your iPhone device.
  3. Once the APPVN is installed, now you need to add this app as trusted from “settings“.
  4. Now open APPVN app and make few swipes from left to right and then you’ll see the main screen on this app
    Note:- The app’s default language is Vietnamese so we need to change the language to English.
    Change language Vietnamese to English: – Tap the menu icon(the 3 lines on the top-left corner, then at the bottom of the menu, tap on the “CIA DAT”, then tap on language finally select “English”.
  5. Now use the search option to get your favorite paid iOS apps for free on your iPhone device or iPad devices.
  6. Now Register the app using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to sign up then you’ll be able to install any non-jailbreak paid iOS apps on your device.

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So this all about how to get best or your favorite paid iOS apps for free and easily without Jailbreaking your iOS device,  if you want more tips and tricks for your Windows, Android and iOS smartphone just stay connected with us and follow us on Google+ and subscribe us to get quick update from HowToShout and don’t forget to share this trick with your friends on Facebook or any of your favorite social network, after all, Sharing is Caring.

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