How To Download Documents From Scribd For Free

Howdy Guys! I know why you’re here, you’ve probably found a book on Scribd and you want to download that book but it costs you, so you’ve been googled how to download that book from Scribd for free. If I’m right then you’re going to download that book for free ;), because I’m going to share the Scribd downloader which will help you to download documents from Scribd for free. Sounds interesting!! YES!

You usually use the torrents or any other websites to download the ebook that you want to read but sometime you won’t found your ebook on your favorite websites that you want to download, I’m sure that this thing has also happened with you. Well, do you know where the experts download any kind of digital book or ebooks without surfing a lot on the internet and wasting time? You might have been aware of the place where you can download all kinds of written books, Yeah! it’s the Scribd!!

Now you know the little bit about Scribd, and you found a book on Scribd that you want to download but Scribd has their plans that you need to take membership of the respective plan and then you’ll be able to read and download that book. But on the internet, everyone is looking for the free method to get something without spending a single buck 😛 and you people need a free way to download documents from Scribd or in other words you need a Scribd downloader that can download the book.  So today we’ll show you how to save Scribd documents for free on your computer. Its the generation of Soft Copies and you won’t actually like to carry and read those thick & heavy books it’s so boring… So that’s why we all use Scribd to read our favorite books.

Want To Know More About Scribd?

Actually, is a digital library where you can read and download millions of documents or books. Scribd has 60 million documents on its open publishing platform. It is a huge platform to read the variety of books and if you like any book then you can also download it by paying some subscription fee. Scribd has 80 million registered users and Scribd has been referred to as “The Netflix for Books

Scribd Services are also available for both Android and iOS devices as well as Amazon Kindle Fire. So overall Scribd is a huge and the best platform to read and download any book but you all need to pay some membership fee but here we’ve shared 3 methods that will help you to download any book for free using Scribd, so keep reading.

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Advantages of Using Scribd Downloader!

As I told you in the above text that the Scribd is the NetFlix of books so in the world it is used by millions of readers. If you also read books from Scribd then you might be need of a downloader to save these books on your computer to read later or share with others. So that’s why you should use the Scribd downloader to save documents on your PC for free. Here I mentioned some advantages of using a downloader over reading online.

  • This is free, safe, secure and easy to use.
  • It doesn’t require any software installation.
  • This is just a trick and not actually a downloader itself 😛
  • If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read a book so you can use it to save the book for future reference.
  • You can access any book for free.
  • No need to pay for the premium membership.
  • And much more.

How To Download Documents From Scribd

Well, As I told you before we aren’t going to share a tool or utility like downloader or something else to download Scribd documents but we will show you some easy methods which are 100% working now and you can follow one of them whichever is suitable for you. So here I’m going to share 3 working methods to save Scribd documents on your computer 🙂

Method #1: By Uploading Method

There’s a loophole in the system of Scribd so you’ll be able to download or view any Document for free and save in your PC without purchasing their membership plan, to apply this method follow the steps given below.

  • Obviously Open 😛
  • Now search for the book or document that you want to download for free and now copy the URL of the page or document from the address bar.
  • After copying the URL. Now you need to Login to Scribd, you can use Facebook Login for quick signing in.
  • Once you signed in to your FB account
    you’ll be directed to the subscription page, simply skip subscription option and just GET BACK TO YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • Now Create a New document write anything in it and upload it and write the Title and Description of the document and click on “Done”
  • Don’t Close that page! now paste the URL that you’ve copied in the address bar for downloading your chosen document.
  • Once you pasted the URL, now you should see the download and you can choose the format to save your document in, select the format and click on the “Download” button.
  • Your document should start downloading and save on your computer.

Now you can read your document and enjoy it, so it is the very easiest method to download from Scribd and you’ve seen that we didn’t use any Scribd downloader. We just downloaded by simply uploading a document.

Method #2: Download Documents From Scribd Using Access Key

  • Open, open the document page that you want to download for free
  • Now right click on that page and then click the View page source
  • And now press Ctrl + F or ⌘ + F and search for the access_key, now you can easily identify the key, copy it anywhere.
  • Now replace the access_key and document_id in the below URL then open this URL after making changes.
  • Now the document should load, once it completely loaded, print the document and save it as PDF format

So this is another method to download paid documents from Scribd for free and it works as an online Scribd Downloader. That’s it! now you can download a document without buying the plans. If this method won’t working so check the 3rd method below.

Method #3: Download Scribd Books Using GreaseMonkey Script

This is the 3rd and last method to download the Scribd Documents for free. You know what’s the best thing in this method, you don’t need to login to your Scribd account, this method is based on a GreaseMonkey Script so you should have Firefox browser installed on your PC or Mac if you haven’t installed yet then download Firefox and install now! so follow the below steps carefully to download documents for free 🙂

  • Download the Firefox browser from above link and install it, then install the Add-on called GreaseMonkey
  • Now download the GreaseMonkey script and then install it in GreaseMonkey (you can Google how to install script in Greasemonkey Extension 😉 )
  • Now go to your document page that you want to download, hit the Download button and now you will see the magic that the subscription page will get the bypass and you’ll be able to download your document from Scribd for free.

Method #4: Download Scribd Books through Python Script

This is the new method to download the documents from Scribd. It is a python script that works as a Scribd downloader. It is created by the Erik Fong, all credits go to him. And I found this script on Github, this script allows you to download the Scribd documents.

The best thing about this script is it can download the document even it is blurred or require the authentication, it works perfectly. This script can download the text and images from the desired documents separately. So if you want you can combine images and text into a PDF by using any suitable tool. Follow the below steps to download any document.

  1. Open the DLSCRIB.COM
  2. Then enter the document URL
  3. Now click on the Generate Download Link button
  4. Then wait for few seconds, now you should get a download link which can download your document on your computer

So this is how the script works, I hope this will work for you. If you liked this script so appreciate his hard work for making this script and support him on Github 🙂

Method #5: One Month Free Subscription from Scribd

There’s one way to download documents from Scribd for free but in limited time. Yes, you can get the 1-month trial subscription from Scribd. All you need to this create an account on Scribd and five your payment details but it will not gonna cost you. It’s just a trial account, they just ask for the security purpose, but you can use your Paypal account too.

  1. Create an account on You can sign-in with your Facebook or Google account as well.
  2. Once your account is created, now claim your 1-month trial subscription. It will ask you to enter your card details or Paypal account.
  3. Now select the PayPal payment method and sign in.
  4. Then browse the document or book that you want to download/read. Download that document if the author already gave permission to view/save the document.

So this is another method download Scribd documents but it’s not much effective like the above methods. So you have to try all these methods one by one to download the document.


So, guys, these are the 3 best and easiest methods to download your favorite document or book from Scribd for free or without paying them money. If your friend also wants a digital book and it’s only available on Scribd then stop him to spend his money on purchasing the book from Scribd instead of this, share this post with your friend let him know that you can download your paid book for free from Scribd.

So want to make me happy? then do share this post on Facebook, Google+ or WhatsApps this will help me to post more awesome and interesting content and don’t forget to subscribe to us through email subscription widget placed in the footer. Have a nice day! 🙂

26 thoughts on “How To Download Documents From Scribd For Free”

  1. i have subscribed for the free trial but still can’t find the download button on the windows version of the site but i have it in the app version. My question is if i download the books/audiobooks in my phone will i lose them after the free 1month trial ends? and how do i back them up from my phone to my pc? thanks ?

  2. Method 1 didn’t make any sense. Where are you pasting the URL exactly after clicking done? and Method 2 didn’t work sadly.

  3. Hey, I’m the author of the Python based downloading tool. I wanted to clear a misunderstanding in this article. Erik Fong is the guy behind and it doesn’t use the Python code as this article seems to claim.

    His website uses some other way to fetch documents off Scribd that I’m not aware of. If you look at the website, he links to the source code at

    The Python tool mentioned in this article and his website are two completely different things.

    By the way, lots of love to the guy for building the website. In most cases, It seems to perform better than my hacky way of scraping content off Scribd. You guys should try that first.

    In most cases, the instructions in the README should work fine but If anybody here faces any trouble in getting the Python based downloading tool working locally, feel free to open an issue at, I’ll try to reach out as soon as possible. ?

  4. @ritiek I hate to inform you but that DLScrib website you gave does NOT appear to be working. I’ve tried turning off my ad blockers, NoScript and refreshing all to no avail. Each and every attempt I have made to get it to work just returns the message “Apache is functioning normally”. Now, the doc I’m trying to download off of Scribd will be linked below. If anyone here can help me, such would be greatly appreciated.

    If you need to reach out to me, my email is as follows:


    If for some reason you don’t see my email address, please leave a reply and I’ll get back to you when I can.

    1. Prajjwal Rajput

      The document that you want to download linked above can be download easily just, hit the download button after logging in your account and select the file type (PDF or TXT) in which you want this document in.

  5. Step 1 : Open ( and search for the document you want and open it.
    Step 2 : Right-click on the address bar and copy the URL of that page.
    Step 3 : Now go to Free Scribd Downloader ( And paste the URL into the Input Box.
    Step 4 : Finally, Click on download button.
    This application will automatically bypass Scribd’s payment page and give you the option to download your document.

    1. Hi,
      I tried and it doesn´t work. It shows the following message: “Sorry, our service is offline right now. Please try again later.”

      I´ll try it again tomorrow, but not sure if this is an only temporary failure or permanent.

      Thank you!

  6. Thank you for putting this information together! As of Sep 19, the option has worked best for me after all!

    Since I’m browsing from Tor, my biggest struggle was completing the captcha. However, I’ve been trying to download another file and I’m getting a message of “server overloaded”, which I still haven’t figured out if it’s temporary or not.

    Regarding other methods: I was hoping the source code would work for Tor Browser as it did for Mozilla, but I don’t think it does. Has anyone tried it before? In my case, I couldn’t locate “ACCESS_KEY” nor “-key” in the page script (only in the embedding code, as suggested by other users). Then, with the new URL in place, Tor never actually “loaded” the file or gave me the option to print it as a .pdf document. The only options were downloading/visualizing it as .swf, which I couldn’t convert at all.

  7. Hey Prajjwal thanks for such an awesome piece of content. I have read dozens of articles on how to download articles from scribd and none worked and then I landed on your site and your method works…
    Thanks and keep helping!!!

  8. Omg, thank you SO much! After spending way too long trying other methods, I found this article and method 4 worked for me! I was desperate to get a piece of sheet music that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Thank you so much!

  9. Hello, thanks for all the helpful info.
    It is worth noting that these methods only work for uploaded documents (they show as /doc/ in the url).
    As far as I know, there’s no way yet to download files that load under /read/ (that is, borrowed ebooks and the sort). If you know any, please do share, I haven’t been able to find a workaround this so far.

  10. i think the method are dead now
    i try this :

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