The Top 3 Reasons You Should Learn Python Today

Learning a programming language is a perfect chance to improve your skill set. Python is probably the most popular programming language used worldwide. This high-level programming language was first released in 1991 and it’s used to develop an array of applications.

The rise of python in the last few years can be attributed to the flexibility, beginner friendliness and the high demand for python workers. Whether you are a seasoned developer or an aspiring data scientist, python will be a good place to start.

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons you should learn python today.

  1. Python Is Beginner Friendly

Python is user-friendly and this is why it is highly recommended for beginners. The language utilizes simple and intuitive syntax which makes it easy for users to modify and extend their own demos. Since python closely resembles the English language, it is often used in beginner computer science courses to teach the basics of programming.

Python is an open source language. This means that it is easy to read and use even for commercial purposes. The large and active community gives python a competitive advantage over the other programming languages of 2018.  

  1. Big Corporates Prefer Python

Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages today. This has made it the preferred software for the big Corporates and companies around the world. Did you know that Google, NASA, Yahoo, and Mozilla rely heavily on python? Facebook engineers also use python in their development stacks and production engineering.

By learning python today, you can improve your chances of getting hired in a multinational and earn a decent pay as well. Python engineers are some of the highest paid professionals with an average salary of $ 116,028 per year in the United States.

Some of the popular web and desktop apps we use today have been built using python. Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit are all python products. Python has great data mining tools making it a great academic platform for bioinformatics and scientific computing.

  1. It Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

If you are fascinated by artificial intelligence and machine learning, then you should consider enrolling for a python class today. Artificial intelligence is the future of the world and soon high power machines will be able to mimic the human brain’s ability to think, and make decisions.  

Currently, python is taking over as the language for computer science and scientific research. Python’s flexibility and speed are what makes this language the dominant machine learning landscape in 2018.  Python will leverage the world of programming in times to come.


There you have it; the top 3 reasons you should learn python today. why learn python? At you will find books, tools and free courses to help you learn python quickly. The author’s personal experience will make it interesting for you as a beginner to learn the fundamentals of programming from a different perspective. Get started today and start your journey to becoming a successful developer.  

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