The Top 5 Android Apps for Great Lifestyle

Fashion is so much more than stylish clothes and shiny accessories. Or at least, that’s what the movie, The Devil Wears Prada has taught us. The fashion industry continues to celebrate style, beauty, and allure. It adapts to technology in order to reach its customers and gain a wider audience. Many companies spend millions of dollars on marketing and digital advertising so that more and more people buy their products. If you consider yourself an avid fashionista, then you need the best fashion apps at your disposal. If you are looking for something fresh or something unique, then check out these five apps for great style inspiration.

  1. Kaleidoscope

If you want advice on how you can look your best, Kaleidoscope is the app for you. It gives you a detailed guide and walks you through the different styles to choose from. It has a webchat feature which makes the experience interactive. It boats useful and in-depth tutorials on how you can use every piece of clothing or accessories to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for an elegant look or a street style, Kaleidoscope has great quality photos that will leave your feeling inspired. This app has integrations with other social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest so you can share your look with your friends and family.

  1. DealDash

What’s better than an app with curated fashion trends and an app that lets you have them? It’s definitely DealDash. DealDash is an app that allows you to bid on products that you like for a very low amount. There are hundreds of products to choose from including branded clothing and accessories. Check out DealDash playstore for more information on how it works.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social app where everyone can post and share photos and other content. You will find some of the most unique and sometimes out of this world idea about fashion and style. You can search whatever fashion idea or trend you want to look for. Similarly, you can also post photos and create an album of your favorite styles.

  1. Polyvore

Polyvore is a great app to test your inner talent in styling. You can mix and match different types of clothing and accessories to come up with a great look. This app is also integrated with other social media sites for easy sharing. This is also an efficient way to view products by brands. Since you can experiment a different style within the app, you can save yourself money and embarrassment from buying things that will not end up matching together.

  1. Lookbook

The lookbook is a great source of information when it comes to finding unique ideas about personal style. Users of Lookbook post curated photos that represent how they view fashion today. These photos are posted by models, brands, photographers, and just about everyone who loves the industry. It has an interactive feature wherein users can choose to follow other users and react to their posts. This is also a popular app for bloggers and other influencers who are using social media to reach out to their audience.

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