Borderlands 3 Save Editor: Increase Guardian Rank & More!

Online Borderlands 3 save editor and Borderlands 3 gibbed editors are two of the best utility tool for the Bl3 player. These tools let you allow to modify your Guardian Rank, SDU Level, currencies, and much more.

The online editor or the BL3Editor is completely based on React-Django save editor for Borderlands 3. To run BL3Editor you don’t need to download any additional software on your computer system. It can run from your browser itself. The editor can decrypt your save file, modify the data wherever possible, and re-encrypt back to .sav format of the Borderlands 3 format. 

Borderlands 3 Save Editor By Gibbed

However, there is no sweet-sounding news on the gibbed editor as of now except for the fact that the work is in progress on it by Rick.


Let us talk about the features of BL3Editor (online one).

The features are listed below:

  • Modify – Guardian Rank data
  • Modify – player Class, Name, & Level
  • Unlock Cosmetics
  • Modify – SDU levels
  • Modify – all Currencies
  • Item editing
    • Create items from scratch
    • Import items using BL3 codes
    • Modify parts of any item
    • Filter “legit” parts for items
  • And many more…

Using the editor

You can upload the save file you want to edit here. Make all the desired changes that you want. Then push the save button when you are done editing a section. Finally, you can click the ‘download edited file’ button to re-encrypt and download your save.

Borderlands 3 Profile Editor

Luckily you can edit your guardian rank, unlock various customized items, and other things via Profile editor. Thanks to FromDarkHell for making this BL3 Profile editor that makes things easier for altering the ranks and unlocking several items.

The best thing about this editor is if anything went wrong while editing the profile.sav, it keeps a backup of your file so you can easily restore it if changes haven’t made or anything goes wrong.

To use the profile editor, just download it from the given link, run the file and click open and select your Profile.sav file to import.

Now you’ll be able to edit your profile statistics and ranking, just follow the on-screen instructions and setting sand you’re good to go!


Till the time the gibbed version is coming up, you can use the online version of the save editor. We think it is a good one and covers most functionalities. You can download the gibbed version once it is developed. Hope this post helped you a bit since you’re looking for the BL3 save editor to make sure to redeem the Borderlands 3 Shift codes before they get expired and enjoy the free rewards and XPs.

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