5 Things You Should Know About Computer Programming

Computer programming can be an intimidating topic or career to learn. Sometimes it sounds too technical that most people just give up on it even before ever knowing what it really entails. In reality, it’s one of the best things you can learn to do and it keeps growing by the day. You should have proper commands on a particular language that you like most. This will help you to increase your computer skills as well as, it will be beneficial for your in long run. There are so many computer programming languages available, you can get started with anyone or easier one. If you ask me what’s my favorite languages, then I was started with the C then C++. After this, my interest has also been increased in the Web development so I started learning the HTML, CSS, XML, and JavaScript from online. After this, you can start learning PHP reactJS and other popular frameworks and then you’ll be the self-taught web developer and designer If you want to learn from the experts then I would like to recommend you to grab a course from the Udemy to learn computer programming language of your choice.

I have got a great suggestion for all you that will help you to pick a programming language for a specific role and interest. Look at the below infographic.

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Even you can earn online from your skills of computer programming by becoming a freelancer or if you’re pro enough 😛 may be a company can hire you for a job. 

5 Things You Should Know About Computer Programming

Here are 5 things you should know about computer programming if you’re considering to join the pool of programmers worldwide.

1.  Programming Involves More Of Logic and Less Of Math

Among the biggest misconceptions that most beginners in computer programming have is that it involves a lot of math. It’s easy to think that you’ll be dealing with complex mathematical formulas which are far from the truth.

The math that you may find yourself involved with is using brackets when performing the order of operations and using x, y coordinates to define a 2D space. These are quite easy to do.

On the flip side, programming involves a lot of logic. Thinking through things, understanding the order in which they take place, and knowing how you can control their flow is predominant in every area of programming. 

2. Programming Involves Programs And Files

When doing computer programming, you’ll realize that things fall into two categories, that is, a program or a file. You’ll hear a lot of computer programmers making reference to input and output or in and out.

The reasoning behind this is that a lot of times in programming, you are tasked with taking an input which is data in most cases, carry out a process to it and come up with an end product which is the output.

3. In Computer Programming, Things Are Always Broken

Newbies in programming constantly get frustrated by the fact that their programs are ever breaking, but in a real sense, as long as you’re doing programming, you will always have broken a program, otherwise, you’re not programming if your program is working.

As you keep on building new programs or creating additional features to the already existing programs, you’ll always find yourself toggling back and forth between making things work out and breaking them yet again. When doing programming, you’re bound to constantly encounter recurring errors.

4. Programming Isn’t A Linear Process

Computer programming doesn’t follow a linear pattern, rather, it’s more of a curve. Nothing happens easy. It may take you days trying to master a concept and you may get the impression that you’re not learning anything nor making any progress. But in reality, you’re building up your competency without knowing it.  

You need to be patient enough and understand that programming follows a completely non-linear process that can sometimes be mind-boggling but if you follow through, you’ll realize that you’ve learned more within that nonlinear process.

5. Computer Programming Is Multi-faceted, So Stay Focused

When learning computer programming, you will be bundled with so much information when doing research that might divert you from your course. Finishing what you started learning is important. Don’t be in the habit of jumping from one thing to the next. Stay focused.

If you’re learning a programming language, stick with it to the end no matter how hard it becomes, then once you’re done with it, you can start on another lesson. Stay focused.


Computer programming keeps revolving every passing day. Keep learning and practicing to better your skills as a computer programmer and while you do that, find out how you can effectively carry out automation testing. Hope you liked this post so don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, also subscribe to this blog to get more interesting article delivered straight to your inbox.

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