Fortnite: Where to find Coral Castle Floating Rings Locations

Interesting challenges have been coming every week. It will not be surprising to hear that these challenges are becoming harder and tougher to achieve. Challenge of this week asks players to gather four floating rings above the Coral Castle for reaching near to get the more Marvel skins. These floating ring challenges have been discovered before while performing other challenges in different locations on the Fortnite map. The trickiest location was the Weeping woods.

In this challenge, primarily, players need to look for floating blue circles on the top of Coral Castle. In the northern part of Coral Castle, you can find those floating rings.

One thing to consider which is crucial for completing that task is that three of those rings can be found in the northern part of Coral Castle and one of them can be present in the southern area of Coral Castle. Finding those three rings, which are present in the northern area of Coral Castle, is quite a difficult task in comparison with finding that one ring, which is present in the southern region.

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Fortnite Coral Castle Floating Rings Locations

That one floating ring, which is in the southern area, can easily be identified as it is present on a small building with a golden dome. It is not high, so one can easily land on the dome by using enough resources. The three rings present in the northern area are above the highest building, so it is not going to be an easy task to perform. Going high means tougher the task, it is going to be and it is the most precarious area, so the players need to be more careful as it is required.

Coral Castle Floating Rings Locations

The challenge of this week doesn’t include any theme but still, players are going to explore more about the game and brush-up their gaming skills. The game has been following the Marvel theme, which helps in keeping it interesting.

In order to accomplish the task of this week, all the players will have to specifically land on them or they need to gain the required resources to proceed further. As we have already mentioned, the reason behind it can be all those rings which are very high in the sky and are not easy to gather. Due to the rings are present up in the sky, players need to prepare themselves by gathering enough resources so that they can go high in the sky or keep themselves above the buildings.

By doing this, the players will be able to get a clear look at the rings and the chances of accomplishing the task will also become high. Golden domes of the buildings will facilitate the players in identifying the rings more easily.     

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