The 3 easiest ways to earn free rides on Uber

Most promo codes are reserved for new users and they release a few for special occasions which expire within a few days. You can earn Uber free rides in any destination where the Uber services operate all over the world. There are various ways in which you can earn credit for free rides even after you have already used up your free coupon codes and taken your first free ride. Here are some the three easiest ways to make this possible.

1. Claim and use your first free credit

A referral program used by Uber allows you to get a free ride on your first trip. Before getting any more free credits, you need to first use your new user promotional code which is entered in the “payment” section of the app and automatically effected. You can then request a ride after which you will be considered as an “existing user” who no longer receives free credits and you will have to go for option two.

2. Through referral program

Having used up your free ride, an existing user no longer has the benefit of getting free rides except by finding other ways to do this. This is because the promo codes are exclusively for new users. One of the ways that you can earn free ride credit is by referring friends. A referral program is known as “Give Rides, Get Rides” lets you invite friends and through this, you get free Uber ride credit.

This process entails inviting your friend who has never used the service before by sending them your referral code. Once they take their first ride, your account is credited with a free ride credit. The referral system integrates with your phone’s contacts allowing you to send a text, email or post the code on social media. Customize your referral code before sharing to increase the chances of your friends using it since the code is usually long and hard to remember.

You can also print referral code flyers and share them out on events, but never share them or promote them on paid ad platforms like AdSense or Facebook. The “Free Rides” feature on the Uber app helps you find your own promo code and referral link.

3. Join the first-time rider

This is a great option if you still have a number of friends who do not have Uber. Although it does not give you much credit compared to the first way, it is simple. All you need to do is join your friend while they are taking their first ride. You use the same process of the referral program and get free credit as well as a free ride. The free credit will be credited to your account and you will have another free ride. However, if all your friends already have Uber, you will be limited to the other ways outlined above.

You can check out the best Uber free ride promo codes out there for the latest Uber promo codes for existing users and enjoy some free rides while at the same time save money on Ridester.

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