Electric Linear Actuators in Solar Applications

In the 21st century humanity entered into the era of modernization, the era of green and eco-friendly energy potentially capable to replace old-fashioned nuclear powerplants constantly polluting the environment: rivers, and lakes frequently used as natural coolers for pressurized water reactors. The point of no return was achieved with the invention of the windmill power station technology and solar panels, which now overgrown into the supermassive wind & solar powerplants spread around the world. It is exactly electric linear actuators that make this eco-friendly technology a few times more efficient.

Solar Tracker System’s Importance

The great benefit of wind & solar energy resources cannot be overestimated. At the time when global warming is knocking at our doors using natural energy resources is not a matter of choice it is a matter of cautiousness and smart approach. Making the technology of transformation wind power and solar power into pure energy greatest minds of Earth were trying to get the biggest benefit possible out of what they had. And they succeeded – designed the solar tracker system based on the special type of electric linear actuators which have multiple mounting options. Thanks to their specifications it is possible to make the most efficient and productive synthesis of energy.

Solar trackers are the part of sun-oriented solar panels. Unlike the stationary solar panels for example mounted by house owner at the roof in domestic purposes, these solar panels with the help of solar trackers (linear actuators) throughout the day mirror the sun movement and capture the biggest possible amount of natural energy. Such technology brings a range of advantages:

  • Space economy – movement around its axis helped to minimize the product footprint;
  • Actuation technology of solar power panels require less maintenance as the technology is capable to provide itself with a sufficient amount of energy needed;
  • Precise technology of ultimate movement tracking the direct sunrays;
  • Generating more solar power – electric linear actuators move the solar trackers responsible for the movement of the solar panel towards the sunlight causing more energy to generate;
  • Possibility to change the position of expensive solar panels along the direction of the strong wind in case of heavy storms to prevent them from serious damage and back when the weather backs to normal.

Who uses it?

Many companies around the world preferred to shift to the alternative sources of energy in the light of possible approaching global warming and glaciers melting. Millions of solar panels equipped with Progressive Automations electric actuators solar trackers already have been installed in the United States. Those who travel often in the U.S. know that some of the American biggest airports have large solar powerplants on their territory. Seven is the exact number of airport-based solar powerplants in the U.S. The largest ever constructed is located in the Indianapolis International Airport. That solar powerplant is capable to produce over 20 MW of green energy. The whole field of that solar powerplant is attached to the technology of solar trackers daily providing the powerplant with the best performance to generate more eco-friendly energy. All others are located as follows:

  • Denver International Airport – 4 solar powerplants totalling over 10MW. The electricity is used for the airport’s needs. Total number of solar powers installed there is 42,358
  • Tucson International Airport – the powerplant also known as the “Solar Amphitheater” produces 1.25 MW.
  • Honolulu International and Kahului Airports – solar power plant producing 2.474 MW installed in the hurricane-prone location. Improved with the non-corrosive mounting systems made of plastic materials.
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – solar power plant producing 3MW of the energy was installed there in 2015. Considered to be the largest powerplant constructed in Minnesota.
  • Chattanooga Airport’s powerplant – the eco-friendly source of energy providing the airport with 85 percent of the energy needed which is 2.1 MW.
  • Tampa International Airport – solar powerplant of 2 MW energy capacity.


The technology of solar trackers helped to improve and complement the solar power panels system. This symbiosis of high technological devices and engineering technologies created the perfect system capable of producing extensive amounts of eco-friendly green energy. This is the technology potentially capable to prevent global warming and glaciers melting for good.

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