FFXIV: How to Make Gil – Best Farming Guide 2021

How to make money in FFXIV: If you are new to the Final Fantasy XIV then you should know that Gil is the game currency. In this post, we will find out how to make Gil in FFXIV. There are six or seven best ways to make Gil in FFXIV.

It isn’t always easy to earn Gil. In fact, it may become cumbersome to farm Gil after a certain time. But if you follow the ways described in this post you can have lots and lots of Gil.

Gil is a necessary thing for purchasing many things in FFXIV. For example, you can decorate your character as well as buy teleports and many other things using Gil. If you’re a hardcore gamer then you might have used the Prestige Points in League of Legends that’s the similar thing you can buy items and skins for your character and also upgrade the powers as well.

FFXIV Gil Farming Guide for 2021

So here’s most of the ways you can earn Gil in FFXIV:

Crafting as a disciple of the Hand

The best way to make Gil is through the Disciples of Land and Disciples of Hand. Here is what you can do to make Gil for yourself by crafting as a disciple of the hand.

There are some crafting classes. The most profitable among them are Goldsmith, Alchemist, Culinarian, and Blacksmith. The craftsmanship offers you certain advantages. The major advantage is that on any other day you can have a six-figure income and if you push a little harder you may even hit seven! Crafting is at the top of the list because of this reason only. It is simply possible because you don’t need the time to learn freehand and yet you can provide yourself with materials, consumables, furniture, and equipment which you want to have. Among the handicraft classes choose the ones which you like.

And yes it is a lot less time consuming and a lot less intimidating than apprentices, which are otherwise a good way to earn Gil. That is because you need to do a lot of things in it. Such as purchasing or collecting raw materials. That means you have to attend parties. Also your level needs to be higher in order to earn rare metals.

Gathering as a disciple of the Land

Gathering as a disciple of the Land is similar to Gathering as a disciple of the Hand. For all the crafters in FFXIV, there is a gatherer as well. The higher the level you achieve in gathering more Gil you will be able to earn.

Gathering as a disciple of the Land

You will be able to earn a lot of Gil by collecting. Particularly by prioritizing nodes which are not traceable easily. Nodes which require discovering regional themes of folklore should also be there in the priority list.

One of the benefits of gathering is that it is a lot cheaper than crafting. That is so because you spend only for teleportation and equipment. And in higher levels when you are in full combat already, you will only pay for equipment alone.

Hunt for Treasures

There are loads of quality prizes once you fight the monsters out in the treasure hunts. You can sell some of these prizes too. These treasure hunts can be done once you lay your hands on a treasure map. However, it is a matter of the favor of the Goddess of good fortune to award you one as a disciple of the land. These treasure maps are also available in the Market Board.

Treasure Hunting Maps

If you are looking forward to hunting then do try to join a party. If you are inexperienced then joining a party can be a lot more beneficial in terms of time required to finish hunting the treasure.

Roulettes, Hunting, and Primals

Out of the way of gathering and crafting is roulette. If you feel that it is not quite an in thing for you to gather and craft you can always give a shot to Roulette, hunting and primals. In roulette alone you can earn five to six figures of Gils! There is an ‘Adventurer In Need’ course which can help you earn even more of Gils. Adventure in need requires you to play some common roles of a tank or a healer. You can access broken clusters by joining hunting activities.

In order to play roulette, however, you need to be past your level 10. After completing the level 10 you will be able to unlock the Duty Finder. You can easily access Duty Finder in the Duty tab in the main menu.

The Retainer Ventures

Ventures can be advantageous in addition to the above methods of Gil farming. Your retainer can be really handy and can be sent to complete these quests of small magnitude. You can earn some great rewards by sending in your retainer and it would cost you not too much time or energy.

Just complete the main quest of level 17 and unlock retainer ventures. Also do not forget to provide some specs to your retainer with some class and gears. Your retainer will complete ventures and levels will be up. This kind of Gil farming is highly profitable if you do it in a regular fashion.

Here is how to assign ventures to your retainer. Head to a Summoning Bell so that you can call your retainer forward. Then you can ‘Assign Ventures’ to your retainer. However, you will need to pay a currency to do so. Completing Tribe Quests can get you that currency.

Now, after the venture has been successfully completed by your retainer, the valuables it brings along can be traded off in the Market Board for Gils. You can take advantage of the option of sending multiple retainers for mutliple ventures at a time and maximise your profit.

Eureka Instances

The Forbidden Land, Eureka is accessible only after completing the mission ‘And We Shall Call It Eureka’ from the reach of Rhalgr through the Galiena.

This instance of Eureka is of great value and scores of FFXIV players are into it for a good reason. It is of great advantage. You can complete the missions after entering it and prepare as well for ‘Raids’.

Here the objective is to find and acquire Anemos Lockboxes and cracked clusters. These contain valuables which can be sold for Gils in the Market Board.

Lastly Challenge Logs

Challenge Logs are weekly lists of objectives required for completing experience and Gils, both. Five figured additional Gils can be earned by completing weekly logs. As much as 1000 Gils can be earned in a single challenge.

‘Rising to the Challenge’ of Level 15 quest has to be cleared to qualify for unlocking Challenge Logs in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. After completing it find out Logs Tab in the main menu and make Challenge Logs available to yourself.


If you are a novice and you are reading this post then it might help you inform yourself how to maximize your Gil earnings. Players who do not know it may not earn enough Gil to stay high in the game. If you have an idea in advance how to earn more and more of Gil then you may never be short of Gil in the game. Wish you Good Luck..:)

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