An Intro to G Suite – How to Use Google Suite for Business

Setting up G Suite for the organization of enterprises’ workflow may become a powerful solution on the way towards customer relationship management improvement. However, despite the fact that G suite apps work brilliantly together, the management of the whole system might gradually become too complicated.

As the growth of the company’s sizes provokes significant changes in the amount of work needed to remain at the same level of authority, the company government has to implement the CRM system applicable with G Suite applications. This important step brings order into the deals organization and acceleration of customer service, which is also an integral part of each successful business. This package of Google applications allows managing users, delivering e-mails, providing access to files, working remotely from everywhere you want, and set up the mobile devices management.

Why G Suite?

G Suite also allows creating the following types of document: spreadsheets, text documents, forms, and presentations. All these can be created inside the Google drive by one person. But nevertheless, as a creator, this person has the right to authorize other G Suite-registered customers to watch, comment, and edit all the earlier created materials. This is how Google Drive may be convenient for the implementation within large companies where numerous employees being responsible each for a particular kind of work regularly works with the same shared information. Each of these employees can set up the folder structure according to own wishes, respectively, adding all the documents he/she created by other users, to his Google Disk. Often, an employee responsible for a process or project creates a folder in which all the necessary documents are collected, and then it is easier for participating colleagues to add the entire folder to their disk rather than download or process numerous scattered files out of the whole context.

Google Suite Mobile Apps

Another particularly important step towards structuralization of working processes along with the company daily routine organization is the implementation of the CRM for G Suite applicable to work in synergy with all the Google products. For example, NetHunt CRM system represents the perfect landing software capable to logically unite and implement various Google products on the same ground. In NetHunt the things are organized the way that all the correspondence with present and potential customers is maintained inside the Gmail mailing system.

This allows creating leads easily. All the accompanying with the customer information is stored right next to the customer profile so that each company manager, even a newbie, could all-the-time have the information about all the previous deals with already available customers and see the preferences of new ones who could probably already visit the company website searching for particular goods/services. This NetHunt functionality provides managers with a unique opportunity to increase the company’s productivity by a  means of achieving greater customer needs satisfaction level at the same time gaining more customers and providing much more qualified and timely services for the already available. NetHunt changes the state of things with G Suite applications implementation for business purposes for good. The process of business organization has never been easier than now.

Getting Started?

So, this was a quick guide on how to use Google Suite. If you want to get started with the Google Suite refer to the official website of Google will help you to understand every aspect of G suite. Hopefully, you learn how to use it and organize your tasks, works, collaborate with team members and connect with your customer that’s help you to increase your productivity and grow your business. If you enjoyed this post then don’t forget to share it, and subscribe this blog for more useful articles, till then stay tuned!

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