How To Install Android-x86 [Marshmallow] On PC HDD

In this tutorial, we will show that how to dual boot Android Marshmallow 6.0 and Windows 7/8/8.1/10 means install Android-x86 [Marshmallow] on your hard disk of your PC or Laptop, installing on HDD is best option to run Android M 6.0 on your PC with any error.Android-x86 is the biggest leading Android PC project since 2009 Chih-Wei-Huang founded it. The development of this project growing significantly. This project specially designed for PC (Android for PC). A few months ago Android-x86 launched the Lollipop 5 version of Android for PC, which is very attractive and dashes on all low-end as well as high-end PCs and laptops. But Now is the time for the latest version of Android OS i.e. Android Marshmallow 6.0 is available for all PC are low-end either high-end. Recently this company launched the first-ever fully designed Android OS for PC which based on the Android Lollipop version. Android-X86 launched the Remix OS with Jide Technology to provide the great Android OS experience with great UI on PC and Laptops.

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It runs faster because it will install on your hard disk it works as like microSD card. 🙂


Disclaimer: Android- We’re providing this tutorial for experts or Tech Enthusiastic only we’re not responsible for any kind of hardware or software damage to your PC, therefore, follow each and single steps carefully. Do this at your own risk.

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How To Install Android-x86[Android M] On PC HDD or Dual boot With Windows 10

We divide this tutorial into 3 parts for easy read and understanding, given below is the list of requirements software to install on your PC. Download the all below software.

Things You Need to Download

First Part: Creating a Partition For Installing

  1. Right click on your This PC icon from your desktop then click on Manage.
  2. Then Go to Disk management tool from left side list
  3. Choose the partition which has enough space (at least 8GB) and then right-clicks on that partition>>Shrink Volume.
  4. Enter the size in megabytes like if you want to make 7GB partition then insert 7168MB, after choosing the desired size of partition then click on Shrink button.
  5. Now your partition has created successfully. Now Run the UNetbootin and select the downloaded Gparted.iso file and then choose your USB flash drive. (Keep USB drive connected to PC don’t remove it)
  6. Finally, click OK button.

First Part of this tutorial is done now jump to a second part.

Second Part: Formatting the created partition in Ext4 format

  1. Now Reboot your PC and press the boot menu key if you have Dell’s motherboard then press the F12 key, a different manufacturer has different boot menu key.
  2. Once you’re entered in boot menu now choose your USB device.
  3. Now select the first option “Gparted Live (Default Settings)” from booted the USB Gparted boot menu then press enter.
  4. Now you’re in GParted disk menu. Here choose your created partition its label something like Unallocated.
  5. Right click on the Unallocated Partition then click on New
  6. Make sure the File system is in ext4 format, then click on Add button.
  7. At last, a popup window will appear asking you to apply the pending operations? then click on Apply.
  8. Now Your PC will go to restart.

Now you did with the second part, now jump to final third part.

Third Part: Install Android-x86 Marshmallow 6.0 On Ext4 Partition

  1. Run UNetbootin tool choose the android-x86 iso file and then select your USB device the hit the OK button, to make your USB bootable device.
  2. After process completion, Restart your PC press the boot menu key then select your USB device.
  3. Now select the Last option i.e. Installation – Install android-x86 to hard disk, Now select your Ext4 formatted partition then enter OK but do not format this partition.
  4. Now popup windows will appear just enter the skip.
  5. Now it will ask that you want to create a boot item for Windows, it means do you want to run both Windows and Android on single PC or not or you can say it dual boot Android M and Windows OS.
  6. Click Yes when asking to install EFI GRUB2.
  7. Now click on < No > when it will ask to format the boot partition.
  8. Now your Android M is going to installing on your HDD.
  9. After finishing Restart your PC after boot logo displaying you can select other Android-x86 Marshmallow or Windows.
  10. You’re done, now your PC runs on either Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Android Marshmallow.

Install Android Marshmallow on PC With Windows without Errors Watch below video!

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Hope this tutorial helps you to install Android Marshmallow on PC with Windows 10 dual boot, if you have any problem regarding this post then feel free to comment and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Social profiles. We hope you like our first post on HowToShout. Keep visiting us!

27 thoughts on “How To Install Android-x86 [Marshmallow] On PC HDD”

  1. I installed androidx86 6.0 and also grub2 but, I configure andoid with my account and all works, but when I restart the pc, only win10 start and I can’t see the dual boot. How can I do to see it at each restart?

        1. Try windows switch “Windows key +R” then type “msconfig” Now goto the boot option then simply change the time out in seconds !! I recommend choose it to 20 seconds . Then choose the Apply button then ok button which will be located just below. Then it will ask you to restart!! then choose “restart ” Then it will be showing you the boot menu !!

      1. AquatisWeaselis

        im having the same issue but it doesnt show me the option in the boot menu either. how can i solve that?

        1. i have the same issue, I install android and everything works fine, but when i switch from windows abck to ndroid, it just boot loops and i end up having to re-install android.. Does anyone know of the fix for this annoying issue?

          Thank for any support

      2. Aquatis Weaselis

        i have the same problem. but when i went into the boot menu it still doesnt show up as grub it just has my usb and my hard drive.

  2. Hi please explain “Enter the size in megabytes like if you want to make 7GB portion then insert 1768MB”.

    I thought 1024MB = 1GB. How do you get 7GB from 1768MB? I’m confused.

  3. abdul somed iddrisu

    Thanks for the tutorial. I followed the steps and the installation was successful. However, I can’t boot into windows anymore. Please help me if there’s a way I can access windows again.

  4. A10 Sagar Jet

    Gparted live is not required. Just directly install androidx86 in to your Usb drive with unetbootin and reboot your pc to install it

  5. can I use modem to surf the net with it?
    and also I can I share internet connection via cable wit phone

    1. Prajjwal Rajput

      Yes you can use modem and your phone if you’ve Android device then you can simply use USB tethering

  6. I’m getting the following message and the machine just hangs at that point.
    0.381249] pnp: PnP ACPI: found 8 devices
    0.381450] PnPBIOS Disabled by ACPI PNP

  7. Sir,
    I have installed, Android Marshmallow on PC with Windows 10 dual boot, as per your instruction successfully, but WIFI could not be connected. May you kindly help me?
    With regards,

  8. I installed Android X86 OS on PC successfully. First time it is working fine and I restarted the OS it was working fine. Next day I tried to open the Android X86 OS it was not opened. It was continuesly loading. When I installed android X86 OS in pendrive it was working fine. If I want to work on Android X86 I need plug the pendrive in the same system. If I remove the pendrive it will not work. If I change/put that pendrive into another system the installed apps are not visible. Is any solution to solve this problem or I want to change any settings in Android X8 OS.

  9. Thanks you for this presentation
    i have try to install android X86 in dual boot on my Asus Transformer3.
    But i have a big problem.
    I can not access Android or Windows anymore. I am stuck on the bios and I have the following messages:
    error: no such device: /EPI/Microsoft/boot/bootngfw.efi
    error file ‘/EFI/microsoft/boot/bootngfw.efi’ not found.
    when i want to use Windows
    Thanks you for your help

  10. I can’t get past part 2, number 4. I’ve booted from USB into GParted, selected the default option, selected language, but then on the next screen nothing happens. The text heading reads “Debian GNU/Linux buster/sid debian tty1” followed by some “no warranty” warning. Below the warning, the cursor blinks and I can type but there is no graphical inferface to select the Unallocated partition. Please help.

  11. Hello, When I try to select my 32 GB USB flash drive in uBootin whatever it’s called it don’t show up like for example I chose the G thingy, then I try to select my “USB Drive 6 M:” it don’t show up it sounds confusing ik but plz try to read through my trash english

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