Pathfinder Kingmaker Kingdom Management Best Tips and Advisors

Pathfinder Kingmaker Kingdom Management Tips: If you want to excel in Pathfinder: Kingmaker kingdom management then worry no more, you are at the just place to be better in the game. Managing your kingdom isn’t exactly a cakewalk and step by step learning is required to master Pathfinder: Kingmaker kingdom management. You can always depend upon the AI but for a better feel of the challenge in the game, you can do it without AI.

A little information about the game. Russian studio Owlcat Games has developed this isometric role-playing game. They have based it on the Pathfinder franchise of Paizo Publishing. This game is available on all the three platforms of Windows, macOS, and Linux since 2018.

The Story of the Game in the beginning

There is a Stag lord who is actually a local bandit who has claimed himself to be the King of Shrike Hills. The entire story starts in the mansion of the Restov ruler Jamandi Aldori. The player character is one among a group of adventure-seeking heroes who are offered barony if they remove this stag lord.

Just the night before they are set out to accomplish the task the mansion is attacked by assassins. The players and Aldori manage to fight them off. In close succession to that Tartuccio (one of the adventurers) places an accusation on the player of spying for Pitax and letting the assassins inside the mansion. This confuses Aldori and him, unable to determine the truth, splits the entire group into two. One led by the player and the other by Tartuccio.

Further, the game progresses and the player comes to know that Tartuccio is going for a magical artifact of some importance and the player is set off after him. Meanwhile, as the chase continues between the player and Tartuccio, Restov finds out that it was Tartuccio who was actually the spy of the Pitax. The party discovers something interesting. That Tartuccio was under a disguise of a Kobald known as Tartuk and he has conspired for a war between the Kobalds and the Mites of the old Sycamore tree. Tartuccio was killed when the player’s party finds him passing the artifact of the Shrine through a portal. But there is an aftermath to it and in that Tartuccio is revived as a Kobald permanently by an unknown person.

Concurrently a nymph shows up in the dreams of the player. She calls herself the Guardian of Bloom. She consequently leads the player’s party through various locations so that they can avoid a curse blanketing the region with a fog that could not have been passed. After this, the player’s unit cleanses a Shrine and they are able to assault the bandit fort (of the Stag lord) and kill him. This completes both the storylines. They reach Restov back and are welcomed. Finally, the player is declared the Baron or Baroness of the Shrike Hills.

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You might be thinking, that’s it, that’s the story. But there are tons more to it. Playing such a complicated game where the worlds are completely different can be overwhelming. To master the game you need to keep playing it. And here are a few tips and tricks which can help you perform better in the game.

10 Tips that could be really handy to manage your kingdom well.

Here we have shared 10 best tips that could help you to manage your kingdom with ease.

1. Keep an eye on Statistics

Stats has a huge role to play in managing your kingdom. If you miss out on any of these then you could be a bit in troubled waters, particularly for the ten primary ones. There are ways to keep the stats high. To keep the stats high find the most appropriate advisers by correlating their ability scores.

2. Find Pathfinder Kingmaker best advisors

You need to find the advisors first and then only you can appoint them. There are multiple locations where you can easily find suitable characters for each position.

3. Unrest should be at its least

Civil wellness has a total of six stages. If you keep civilian unrest at the least you will get bonus points.

4. Quests must be completed and saved

Be wary of debuffs. It could simply mean that there may be a decrease in the economy of your kingdom. These debuffs come into the picture when you take longer to complete your quests. Therefore to avoid debuffs, finish your quests and save your kingdom from debuffs.

5. Problem events should take precedence over opportunity events

As you may be already knowing about the two kinds of events – problem events and opportunity events. But you should also know that problem events must be prioritised before opportunity events.

Problem events, unlike opportunity events, sprout up wildly and the bigger problem associated with it is that if you do not finish it your kingdom will pay a price for it. Opportunity events are events that can help your kingdom grow are also quite important, but they don’t result in punishments like that of Problem events.

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6. Build Points are worth buying

BP or Build Points are known as the most vital stuff required for all sorts of kingdom management. Right from construction to project management everything needs BP. You cannot advance in this game without BP. You can simply buy BP with the Gold at the central square.

Be aware, early in the game you may find yourself in a deficit of BP. It happens with many players and it must be avoided at all costs. Without BP you can’t grow in the game even a bit. You need to have BP high and up all the time in the game.

7. Buildings

Developing various structures will definitely upgrade your stats but you should save your BP for finishing your events. It is more important to finish your events than to develop structures alone. Finishing your events will bring better stats for you than compared to elevating structures. Just remember one thing that statistics is all in this game. All you have to do is keep your stats high.

8. You must upgrade villages

Do not forget to upgrade your villages to towns to grow your kingdom. However, it is easier said than done. For instance, you can upgrade your main village only when you have claimed two new regions and have placed settlements within them. There are three kinds of settlements in the game – villages, towns, and cities. You must keep acquiring new settlements and keep upgrading them.

9. Use Ration and supplies for camping

If you are traveling with your party then carrying sufficient supplies will definitely save on time. The party won’t have to make frequent stops for hunting etc. Anything can go wrong in the kingdom if time is not managed and carrying enough ration simply saves time. In this game passage of time has to be dealt with great care. With passing time anything can go wrong in the kingdom and you need to manage things at the micro-level.

10. Bulletin Boards – more is better

These help in resolving issues in land holdings plus they provide Military bonus as well.


With these tips you can certainly boost your stats and master the Pathfinder: Kingmaker kingdom management. It does need a bit of experience in the game to figure them out on your own but if you want to utilize the tips feel free to do so. The game is pretty much interesting and you can enjoy the game if you knew the above basic few tips.

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