How to Play Offline Mode in Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov offline mode is for honing your skills. Escape from Tarkov is a game that needs little introduction.

It is a first-person online shooting game and has many modes such as online PMC raids, scavenger or Scav raids, and an offline mode.

In the game you can go solo in these raids or in groups and spawn from one side in the many maps that are being provided.

There are extraction points where you must make out to in order to escape. It is a combat game and Escape from Tarkov provides you to find some loot such as firearms, armor, equipment, etc.

These loots are important since once you escape with the loot these can be used in other missions.

The game is pretty complex and starting in it may get a little bit difficult for beginners. However, you can lay your hands on it and master the tricks after some practice.

But for that you need to play in Escape from Tarkov offline mode. If you are new, then it is highly recommended that you start in the offline mode.

Steps to start Escape From Tarkov in the offline mode

It is not that difficult if you make up your mind to master it. The game will use AI to play against you.

To start the offline mode, go to the main menu, select your main character, that’s PMC and hit Next.

Please do select – Enable OFFLINE mode for this raid – in the CUSTOMS map or whichever map you choose to play this game.

Only after selecting it you will be able to play offline. There are some options such as ‘Random weather conditions’ and ‘Random time’ as well.

You can check them out. Also, there is an option to play with bots, and hell ya you must give it a shot.

If you hit it out do check – Enable PvE – by selecting it from the options to designate the difficulty from Easy through Hard till Random.

Besides this, you have a few more options such as change the amount of AI in and around the map, enable Bosses and Scav a war.

The fun part is that even if you die in the offline game you don’t lose your gear.

You will load into the main game with your gear intact. And yes, make sure you avoid checking tagged and cursed option as this option is close to impossible.

It essentially employs another AI after you when you are already engaged with an AI.

Final Words

Hope you do well in your practice sessions. Keep practicing in this mode only until you are confident about operating all your gears and systems. We believe know you have learned How to Play Offline Mode in Escape From Tarko. If you are still having any issue please let us know in the comment box. Do share it on social media and visit to read more interesting guide games.

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