How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft in Just 5 Minutes

Do you want to make some friends? Do you want to have a pet? Learn how to tame a Fox in Minecraft and make them your cute pet. Yes, in Minecraft you can have a fox as a pet. In this we’ll show you steps to tame a fox.

Foxes are the cute animal found in the wilds of Minecraft in specific biomes. And you have the opportunity to make them your pet that will follow, being loyal with will save you from the attackers and harm.

And it’s also possible to ride any animal other than a fox in the game. You can ride horses, pigs, or even donkeys and they must be your pets. To ride an animal you have to use the Saddle, check out another guide to make a saddle tool in Minecraft.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

Making pets in the game required a procedure to breed them, similarly taming a fox in Minecraft takes some time to make them your pet. You need to breed your fox because it won’t trust you immediately and would not consider you as an owner.

Things You Need:

  1. Two Foxes
  2. Sweet Berries
  3. Nametag
  4. Lead

Finding Fox

Mostly foxes are spawn in the wilds of Minecraft, so you need to bread them to make them your pet. Fox can be found in the Taiga biomes. You need to look around these biomes including taiga, snowy taiga, and giant tree taiga. Generally Fox can be found in their traditional orange fur but if you searching for fox in Snowy Taiga they will appear in the white color fur.

Cute Sleeping Fox

Perhaps you may have the 5% chances to get the baby foxes in these biomes and you can also tame them. You’ll have to find the group of the fox, they usually sleep during the day and in the evening and night, they roam around the taiga. So, the day time is the best to find a fox as they are sleeping so they won’t run away from you and you can take the advantage to get closer to them. Make sure you don’t make too much noise while they are sleeping otherwise you’ll lose them. Keep crouching or sneaking when you see a fox.

Collect the Sweet Berries

Fox Eating Sweet Berries

Sweet berries are the favorite food of Foxes. They don’t eat other fruits and vegetables. You need to collect the sweet berries as many as you need to have a sufficient amount in your inventory so you can feed the foxes. Sweet berries are also located in the biomes of the taiga. Foxes love the sweet berries most and are attracted to it.

Taming a Fox in Minecraft

Taming A Fox

So you’ve located the Foxes and collected enough Sweet berries, now you’re ready to tame a fox in Minecraft.

Catch the two foxes and try to bring them closer to each other so they can produce a new offspring, a baby fox that will become your pet. To catch the foxes start making the wall around them with any blocks but make sure to sneak/crouch when you’re getting closer to them so they won’t run away from you.

When you finally catch the two foxes, feed them sweet berries. If they are a distance apart from each other, then make away with blocks to join both walls block in which you’ve caught the two foxes. This brings them together in one place, now again build a wall around them so they won’t separate now.

Now, feed a sweet berry to each fox and they will start making a new baby fox for you. Then they’ll have a baby fox which will be your tamed fox.

Now the main thing starts from here. The baby fox can’t be tamed immediately as he listens to his parents and follows them not you. So you need to grow him up by feeding the Sweet berries until he grows up. Keep feeding the sweet berries, it takes a minute or two and he’ll become an adult fox.

So, now this fox will trust you and won’t follow his parents because you fed and raise him to an adult fox. Give him a name to call him so he’ll follow you and won’t afraid of you anymore.

You’ve got a Fox as a pet. But, now you have to take him to your home/base. Here you’ll use the Lead through this your pet fox will follow you till the base.

What Does a Tame Fox do?

Tamed fox won’t follow you without lead so you have to keep the one with your fox. Your tamed fox will defend you from the mobs and enemies when they will attack you. He’ll follow you wherever you go. You can call him or take him on a walk.

You can make an army of foxes by repeating the same process tame as many as foxes you want as pets and build your Fox army. So no one can attack you.

So this wraps our guide to tame a fox in Minecraft, hope you enjoyed this. If you’ve any questions regarding this guide feel free to ask in comments. Also let us know what’s the name of your pet fox or what name you’ll decide to call you fox. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Minecraft Communities you joined. Till then stay tuned for more Minecraft guides just like this one.

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