The Best Online and Offline Games for Windows

The gaming industry is a very profitable global business. The technology has allowed many providers to come up with the most advanced graphics and innovative storylines in history. Each year, we see hundreds of top-rated games being released with millions of people who are impatient to try them out.

Some people even stream those games on various platforms like Twitch and YouTube and enable the people who don’t have the best PC or laptop to support those games, to watch them and enjoy the thrill. 2019 was one of the best years for gamers, which is why we wanted to inform you of some of the best games that have hit the market. We’re going to divide the games into two types – offline and online. Let’s start with online gaming.

Offline Gaming

For the people that are not too eager to wager their money in the online world, there are plenty of offline games to choose from as well. These games have been labeled as revolutionary and extremely exciting to play. The good thing about offline games is that they are also popular with Android and iOS devices and if you want to check them out, you can see the list of the best games for those platforms

Let’s see what Windows has to offer.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

When Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was set to be released, EA predicted that the game would bring a maximum profit of $5.5 million. As it turns out, its quality exceeded everyone’s expectations, even EA’s. This game combines all the best features from the Star Wars universe and combines it with excellent gameplay and breathtaking graphics. Fallen Order was recognized as the best game of 2019 by many fans, gamers, and experts.

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Need for Speed Heat

The Need for Speed franchise has been heavily criticized in the last couple of years due to its countless micro-transactions and lack of innovation. Heat turned all critics to crickets. This 2019 installment removed all of the features that required additional payment and offered a new style of play. To this day, NFS games had either day or night as a feature. NFS Heat allows the player to choose whether they like to play during the day or night. The rewards are different depending on which time of the day you are playing in, and the thrill and excitement are off the charts. Their famous endless car customization is also back, along with some new options.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Our last choice in this list is the latest Modern Warfare Installment. Call of Duty outdid themselves and exceeded the expectations by many fans of the franchise and FPS fans, in general. This game was released in late August 2019 and it sold millions of copies around the world. The pre-release period was filled with mixed feelings, but after the game was released, it received positive reviews from all experts and gamers.

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