Destiny 2 Corsair Down Guide – Locate Dead Soldiers

Destiny 2 Corsair Down Guide: Destiny 2: Forsaken is a first-person shooter game. It was first released in 2018. It is the third expansion in Destiny 2. In this game, it is centered around the Guardian of the player avenging the death of Cayde-6 at the hands of Prince Uldren Sov.

There is an introduction of new items – Corsair Down and Badge, in Destiny 2: Forsaken. In Destiny 2 Corsair down can be obtained at any point while patrolling in the Dreaming City. Many players have no idea how to use Destiny 2 corsairs down. They do not even know the purpose of it.

Well, essentially it helps you locate and track dead soldiers.

How Corsair Down Works?

Once you receive corsair down from your enemy you can open it and look at its description. You will discover that it is actually nothing but a field communication device. And it sends out an SOS with a message attached to it which is repeating itself. The message contains a hint and tells you where to locate the person who is sending this message. When you locate the person you will find that it is too late and the person has died. A Boss will appear when you analyze the body and to obtain Corsair Badge you must defeat the Boss.

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Locations Hints for Fallen Soldiers in Dreaming City

There are various locations where the SOS messages can lead to. Some of them are Gardens, Spine and Mist, Bay, Harbinger, Chamber, Aphelion, etc.

Location 1: If the SOS message in Corsair Down says something about any Garden then you must head for Gardens of Esila, in the South of the Strand.

Location 2: If the message says something about Spine and Mist, then it is hinting for Spine of Keres. It is in the area where the observatory is attached to the Oracle. The Northwest area to the observatory is made up of a bunch of spires and some islands are rising from the mist. You can find the dead bodies there.

Location 3: If the SOS transmission is repeating itself about a Bay, then you must head towards the Bay of Drowned Wishes. The entrance is just behind the landing zone and it’s a lost sector in the Divalian Mists.

Location 4: If the SOS is constantly transmitting about someplace, Harbinger, then you should go to an area north of Rheasilvia called Harbinger’s Seclude – that’s where you can look for the body. This one is close to the Dreaming City and if you’ve explored the Dreaming City, it should be easy for you to locate the place.

Location 5: The message that is repeating about a Chamber should be simple to locate. There’s a lost sector, called Chamber of Starlight, in the southern part of Rheasilvia. The body of the fallen soldier should be inside.

Location 6: In case the message is about someplace called Aphelion, then you should look for a lost sector called Aphelion’s Rest in the Dreaming City.

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What to do with Corsair Badge

So when you head to these location for the tracking down the fallen soldier bodies. You’ll find there spawning a boss, you have to defeat it. If you defeat the boss, you’ll get a Corsair Badge.

So what to with Corsair badge in Destiny 2?

Well, the badge contains the information of his late owner (soldier) you must take it to a Queen’s Guard camp located near the giant fate in Divalian Mists. The area lies within a cave can be recognized by looking at the white banners. Once you reached the Queen’s Guard Camp, reach out to any of the NPCs out there and interact with them.

You’ll give them the Corsair Badge of the fallen soldier that you got after defeating the boss. They’ll appreciate your help that you take the bade to them and let them know about the incident of their comrade’s death and they will reward you with some items more likely dark fragments that you can exchange it with Petra in Dreaming city.

Destiny 2 Corsair Down Locations Video Guide


We all know that Destiny 2: Forsaken has evolved into a fine game. But the complexity has also increased. This guide was intended to inform you about the new Corsair Down and where all to go once you encounter one. Hope it helps you earn more Corsair Badges.

Good luck in your game.. 🙂

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