How Many NPCs are in Terraria and How to Unlock them?

Do you want to know how many NPCs are there in Terraria? NPCs can make your game more fantastic by adding special abilities to your player. In this post, we have explained all NPCs that are available in the game and you can get the most out of it like special powers, items, currencies, and much more!

First of all, let us have a look at Terraria and how many Non-Player Characters or NPCs are there in Terraria. Terraria is a 2D game. It is a Sandbox game and its gameplay revolves around exploration, crafting, building, mining, and combat. You can play both single-player and multiplayer modes. The worlds are generated procedurally. Health and mana are fundamentally important in this game and can be increased by finding certain items.

Enemies are encountered in Terraria based on a different time, location, and random events. The players can battle out bosses as well who use different mechanics for combat and they drop rare items.

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NPCs in Terraria are quite friendly and helpful. They reside in the towns that you build. They can be helpful in obtaining materials and devices for fighting as they sell these materials and devices. These materials and devices are crucial for the player.

How many NPCs are in terraria?

There are 21 NPCs in regular mode (18 on console + 3 which do not live in the town) plus there are 7 more town-based NPCs that are in Hardmode.

NPCs List of Terraria

Here is the list which covers most of NPCs of Terraria:

  • The Guide – Provides Tips, shows requirements for crafting | it is already there when you start, it will require a house to reappear if it got killed.
  • Merchant – Sells Utility Supply sells marshmallows in Snow biome | save 50 Silver coins.           
  • Nurse – Provides Healing but at a price | only after merchant moves in and at least 1 life crystal.           
  • Demolitionist – Provides Explosives | moves in only after Merchant has moved in and 1   explosive.           
  • Arms Dealer – Sells ammunition | either bullets or Guns in inventory.           
  • Dryad – Spreads biome items and planters | beat any Boss except Slime or Wall of Flesh.           
  • Dye Trader – Items of Dye | either find a strange plant or beat a boss and have a dye.           
  • Painter – Tools for Paint | got to have the other eight NPCs in town.           
  • Angler – Provides Fishing Quests| Found on either side of the world near Ocean Biome.           
  • Stylist – Sells Hair Dyes can change looks | you need to free her from spider nest underground.           
  • Goblin Tinker – Reforging Items | moves in only after Goblin Invasion.           
  • Witch Doctor – Sells flasks | you must defeat Queen Bee.           
  • Clothier – Sells items of Vanity | Skeletron must be terminated.           
  • Mechanic – sells repair items such as wrenches and all| Beat Skeletron and find Mechanic at Dungeon.          
  • Zoologist – Sells critter items | fill up 10% of the bestiary.          
  • Party Girl – Sells visual Items such as fireworks | you require 14 NPCs to make her Spawn.          
  • Truffle – Sells Mushrooms, auto hammer, and makes Shroomite | Mushroom Grass Seeds must be used to make a mushroom biome and make a house there above the ground.           
  • Wizard – Sells magic items and materials and importantly CrystalBall | it is found in the Cavern Layer while playing in the Hard Mode.           
  • Steampunker – Sells Clentaminator, Jet Pack, and crafting for Asphalt Roads | beat any of the Mechanical bosses.           
  • Skeleton Merchant – Sells items such as Spelunker Glowsticks, Counterweights, Yoyo Glove, and Magic Lanterns. Slap Hand is Skeleton Merchant exclusive | it doesn’t move into town. It is found in caverns.
  • Pirate – it sells Pirate Stuff| you must defeat a Pirate invasion and destroy an altar with Pawnhammer.
  • Golfer – Sells golf clubs and accessories | you need to speak to the golfer in the underground desert.
  • Tax Collector – earns you money in a passive way | you can use Purification Powder which is sold by the Dryad in the Underworld, on a Tortured Soul.
  • Cyborg – Sells rockets and gadgets | it should move in once Plantera is gone
  • Santa Claus – Sells cosmetics and Christmas Decor | can move in around December 15 to 31.

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It is a fun game. You need to know a bit about the gameplay and then you are good to go. This post was intended to give you a wholesome idea about NPCs of Terraria. Hope you benefited from it.

One more thing, you should be careful with your NPCs as they can die! Although they may return until only the next day. Also, NPCs can be killed en masse. Even that is not the end of the roads for the NPCs, but this time return is even more gradual. You must be on a lookout to prevent such a thing.

Hope you have fun in the Game:)..

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