Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Guide 2021

Our Escape from Tarkov Woods map guide featuring all the different areas that can explore in this map and also some other places that lie outskirts of the map. These places are worth to discover and there’ll be the chance of getting the more loots and items that may be useful for you.

This Woods map guide is staying updating whenever a new version rolled out by the EFT community gamers. So make sure to bookmark this page for not make a chance to miss any update.

Basically, in this guide, we’re going to explore and discuss this map with you. We’ll let you know about the feature of EFT Woods map, also loots, points of interest, and sniping positioning.

EFT Woods Map Guide

Woods map is a medium-large sized third map that was added in Escape from Tarkov. This map in the game is the least forgivable, the map is consisting of the many features like open fields, small hills, and much more. ETF Woods map is surrounded by the woods, even in some outskirts areas. If you want to understand the Interchange Map then do check this guide after this one.

The map also has the one hotspot where most of the actions/battles take place. So, you have to find out that hotspot to keep yourself safe from the fights when you’re unprepared.

The Woods map is the best use for sniping. You can polish the sniping skills that will help you in the stealth action which results in gaining the more XP. You can find the safe places where you can do sniping for practicing, look at the left side.

In the south you’ll find South Rock in the Southside of the map, this is the popular sniper spot as its names suggest. The good height of rocks will give a better view to synchronize the whole map.

Another hotspot in Woods map where many scav spawns in the right-center region. The Lumber Yard is known for the scavs, as many players passes through there and look around within the area for the loots, weapons, or even other players.

If you spawn on the Northside of the map you may find the people battling over there around the Roadblock. So don’t make an impulsive decision to get in to fight. First, make sure whether you’re prepared or not, you must have enough ammo and the armor.

The Northwest territory has the Factory where you’ll find many people fighting over there. This area is best for Sniping. To earn the sniping the hotspot you may have to fight for it. The exit is just located at the outskirts of the map, you just go throughout there and cross the border to it the Woods map.

Woods Map Boss

You’ll face Shturman the Boss of the Escape From Tarkov Woods map. Shturman generally spawns on the right-center side of the map around the Lumberyard. The exact location is Sawmill. He has SVDS 7.62×54 Sniper rifle and AK-105 5.45×39 assault rifle as the primary weapons. He also has the Red Rebel Ice Pick as the secondary weapons only used if he’s running out of ammo but very rarely.

Shturman also has his two followers heavily armed with Class 6 Armor vests and having the weapons. A semi-automatic Assualt Rifles and VSS are their weapons and having deadly accuracy to kill players.

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