Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph Guide

Stuck at triumph in Destiny 2? Here’s what you need to know in order to complete Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph. Our guide of Festival of the Secrete enlightens the various circumstances that you need to bear in your mind while entering into the Haunted forest.

In Destiny 2, when the Festival of the Lost started, players were not able to complete specific triumph as they were seemed to be blocked a few weeks back. It happens because the new release wasn’t coming out before this week that contains the items needed to unlock it. In the new update, the way to finishing out your Festival of the Lost triumph collection is that Eva Levante is selling a Festival Charm for 100 Candy and this is your key.

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The way item for the Festival Charm is elaborated is not that encouraging because the description of the item says that the number of Chocolate Strange coins will be increased on the completion of activities and Haunted Forest runs. Apparently, players who are in a hurry to collect the last few Festival of the Lost Masks for their collection seem like an item for them and it also serves in a different manner.

All you need to do is follow this – Have a Festival Charm and then run into the Haunted Forest.  After you reach there, Use the Charm from your inventory. Run through the forest with spending most of your time looking down all the way. In time, you will get Spider Vision triumph. While you are aiming down sights can sometimes result in a spider to crawl throughout your view so it’s kind of put you on hold from past festivals. Maybe no spider will appear in actual, but the triumph can pop up in any way.

Isn’t quite easy?  The best deal is to spent leftover candy or Strange coins on Eva’s Legendary grab bags in case you have left with these two after finishing your triumphs because these bags have Legendary drops and can even have Enhancement cores. For the Werewolf Auto Rifle, the curated, masterwork version is the best role you can ever get.

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This year, the Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph is not come up with that much surprises but the Tower all decked out and sting, when you fly down from orbit, was a good one. Hopefully, you won’t worry about sticking to the levels in Destiny 2. We help you with the quick walkthroughs to easily complete any triumph without spending a hell lot of time. Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends and follow us on Instagram for more Destiny 2 guide till then stay tuned.

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