How to Make Concrete in Minecraft 2021

Who’s not loves spending hours of hours playing and building things in Minecraft?

Yes I do!

Minecraft is a building simulation game that makes you creative and broad your power of imagination. Minecraft turns your imagination into simulation reality. You can build anything you want.

So, today we’re gonna try the building some stuff in Minecraft using the Concrete powder. Yes, in this guide you’ll learn how to make Concrete in Minecraft to build your favorite stuff. For this you need to craft the Concrete powder, you can make a hardened concrete of any color.

Crafting Concrete in Minecraft feels like a real-world Architect. Concrete Powder, a block in Minecraft that is used to craft another block and it can turn into Concrete Blocks when it comes into contact with water. Isn’t it seem realistic?

You can make the Concrete of any color by concrete powder and this comes with 16 different colors. So you can easily build things of any color you want, from buildings to bridges.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft with Concrete Powder

To make concrete in Minecraft, first of all, you need a recipe for making the concrete powder. This recipe is consisting of 3 different materials available in the crafting board. As a result, you’ll get a concrete block of your desired color, then you can use it to craft concrete blocks.

The Recipe of Concrete Powder

First of all, you need to craft the powder of concrete in order to make Concrete in Minecraft. So to make the powder you’ll need the following materials.

  • Sand – 4 Blocks
  • Gravel – 4 Blocks
  • Dye – 1 (of any color)

You need these 3 materials to make the Concrete Powder. Now let’s find out where to get this stuff.

Choose Dye of color you want

Before making the concrete powder, we need to decide what would be the color of the Concrete Blocks?

Dyes are the items in Minecraft that are used to change the color of any block, items, and mobs. There are 16 different colors available in Dye. So you need to pick the color of dye from different color options.

To make the combination of colorful dyes, you can mix up the white dye with other colored dyes to form a new colored dye.

The above images show the combination of the colors you can make. The dye of any color you can be obtained by crafting, smelting, or trading. White and Black dyes are the most common dyes obtained via bones and ink sacks respectively. While other colored dyes like Red or yellow are obtained from the flowers of appropriate colors. Similarly, other colored dyes obtained naturally via different items.

You need at least 1 dye to craft the 8 blocks of concrete and this is how you can make concrete powder in Minecraft.

Collecting Sand Blocks

Sands Block in Minecraft

So, you need 4 blocks of sand for the recipe to create the concrete powder. The best thing is that Sand can be found easily in Minecraft, it can be found on the banks of Ponds or in the islands. Besides Islands and Oceans. There’re some other places where you can find the sand blocks in huge amounts in small areas like Desert Biomes.

These are the sources of the Sand, so collect the enough Sand Blocks the recipe.

Collecting Gravel Blocks

Lastly, you need the Gravel blocks to complete this recipe of Concrete powder. Gravel is the type of block typically found underwater, Mountains, on beaches,  in NPC villages, or naturally-occurring pits. So there are lots of sources of Gravel, hence it is easy to find Gravel in large quantities that help you to craft Concrete Powder in greater amounts.

Gravel Blocks

In the above picture, you can see the Gravel blocks are relatively easy to find in Ocean. It is a naturally generated gravel floor as seen in an ocean.

Crafting Concrete Powder

Once you’ve collected enough materials for the recipe that requires to craft the concrete powder. It’s time to make the concrete powder.

To make powder, you need to open the Crafting table.

Now add the 4 blocks of Sand, 4 blocks of Gravel and one dye of any color you want.

You need to place all these ingredients(4+4+1) in the 9 square boxes, for instance, look at the below image.

Then, 8 pieces of Concrete Powder will obtain. Now the powder is ready to turn into Concrete.

Crafting Concrete blocks in Minecraft

Now, you’ve concrete powder, it’s time turn it into hardened and vibrant Concrete blocks used to build whatever you want. The Concrete Blocks obtained by pouring water in the pieces of Concrete Powder.

Note: The Concrete Powder is affected by gravity in Minecraft. So you need to take proper care while pouring the water because it needs proper support. So add enough amount of water into Concrete Powder. It’ll solidify and you’ll get the solid concrete usable blocks.

The best way to craft the Concrete Blocks, use a pickaxe. You can hold powder with your one hand and the hold pickaxe with another hand. Holding both pickaxe and concrete powder simultaneously in separate hands allows you to continuously mine Concrete Blocks.

If you want to make more Concrete Blocks in bulk, you need to put the concrete powder in a tower and pour the water from the top of the tower. The water will traverse each piece of concrete powder in the tower from top to down and it will solidify it.

These are the ways to make concrete in Minecraft. I hope you’ve enjoyed this walkthrough guide to farm colored usable concrete blocks. If you’ve another way or easy trick to craft the concrete blocks easily in greater amount, do share it with us in comments. We’ll update this post by mentioning your method. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Minecraft subreddits, and other Minecraft communities you’re a member of. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Engamez for more interesting gaming guides.

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