Civ 5 Tier List and Best Civilization V Leaders

Our Civ 5 Tier List guide enlightens the best Civs with Leaders that you can choose in the Civilization V difficulty settings. Through this guide you’ll get the best choices while selecting the nation. Civilization is a turn-based tactics game that requires lots of patience and dedication with focused plannings in order to compete in the game. The games also come in the Multiplayer mode, where players can choose their nation from the Tier list in different servers.

Although Civilization V requires the best strategy to complete the missions in the Civs. In this game, you have to choose your nation wisely where you want to play and fight with AI opponents in the game. Aim of the Civ V is to compete with the other players who are also in the same nation. Best strategy and Leaders depend on your selection. Players have to make sure they select the best nation while setting up the game. Therefore, for the sake of the best selection, we’ve curated this list of best civilizations in civ 5.

Civ 5 has various civilizations with different leaders and ability + Unique Units. Here we have compiled this Civ 5 Tier list for you and breakdown the all civilization into the terms of their difficulties and the categories.

The breakdown of the civilization in the categories makes it easy for you to select the best nation for your next game. You just have to figure out each civilization with the category and ranking so there’ll be the more chance to win the game with your best strategy. You don’t need to choose blindly any nations or spawn in a random civilization.

Now, without further ado lets dive into the best Civ 5 tier list and leaders with abilities.

Best Civ 5 Tier List by Difficulty Levels

The Egamez’s Civ 5 Tier list followed by the difficulty levels in the Civilization V game. The Difficulty level option is available in the game settings that allow you to compete again the other players of the same level. The opponents you matched for the next game will also have similar skills and the levels as you. The Civ V has the following difficulty levels. Sorted in order from Lowest to Highest difficulty.

  • Settler
  • Chieftain
  • Warlord
  • Prince
  • King
  • Emperor
  • Immortal
  • Deity

The above difficulty sorted from high to low. However, the Prince is the default level in the game. It doesn’t have any significant advantages to players, it is the same for all in the computer player in case of offline mode.

Civ 5 Tier List Leaders

Here’s the list of best Civ 5 Civiliations on the basis of difficulty levels from lowest to highest.

Settler Civ 5 Tier List

BryzantineTheodoraPatriarchate of Constantinople
CarthageDidoDruidic Lore
PortugalMaria IMare Clausum
IndonesiaGajah MadaSpice Islanders

Settler Tier is the lowest difficulty tier featuring the Civilizations that are worth trying and quite for the beginners. If you’re just starting the game for the first time then we recommend you play in this tier and moreover in the Carthage nation. Take the advantages of the ability and the leader of this civilization is also good. For every beginner, this tier is best for build up the momentum to compete in other tiers and make the progress in the game.

Chieftain Civ V Tier List

IndiaGandhiPopulation Growth
VeniceEnrico DandoloSerenissima
IroquoisHiawathaThe Great Warpath

The second tier of this guide featuring nations like India and Venice. The better strategy makes you win the game so this one needs great planning to dominant in this tier. Absolutely, you’ll get the ability of respective Civilization but make sure to have a good strategy. In Chieftain tier the toughness in-game will increase.

Warlord Civ 5 Tier List

RomeAugustus CaesarThe Glory of Rome
MoroccoAhmad al-MansurGateway to Africa
AustriaMaria TheresaDiplomatic Marriage
DenmarkHarald Bluetooth
AmericaWashingtonManifest Destiny
CeltsBoudiccaDruidic Lore
HunsAttilaScourge of God
MayaPacalThe Long Count
PersiaDarius IAchaemenid Legacy
SonghaiAskiaRiver Warlord

This tier has several Civs and all they are more challenging than the above ones. Don’t keep a thought in your mind that you’re competing with the computer players who’re just AI. Let me tell you as the tier difficulty level expands the game system will give the computer player more advantages and skills in order to dominant you.

Hence, always be with a unique strategy that help you to dominant. Apart from this, you’ll get the other bonuses too. For instance if you’re conquering a city in any of these civilizations then you’ll get the bonuses that you can use in conquering the other city or other nations.

Prince Civ V Tier List

EthiopiaHaile SelassieSpirit of Adwa
JapanOda NobunagaBushido
DutchWilliamDutch East India Company

Many advantages in the Prince difficulty level tier. You’ll get the help of their unique units and the ability to dominate in full power even when you get damaged. Like Japan nation has a strong army of people they fight with full strength.

King Civ 5 Tier List

ArabiaHarun al-RashidTrade Caravans, Ships of the Desert
OttomanSuleimanBarbary Corsairs
IncaPachacutiGreat Andean Road
AssyriaAshurbanipalTreasures of Nineveh
GreeceAlexanderHellenic League
FranceNapoleonAncien Régime
RussiaCatherineSiberian Riches

Here we’re in the middle tier of the list. In this tier you’ll find the various civs and they don’t have that many advantages as the above tiers had. This leads you to the feeling of playing the game on your own this may be easier for you. In King’s, their pick would be Russians having the ability that provides the Strategic resources +1 20xProduction5 Production, and Horse, Iron, and Uranium Resources provide a double quantity.

Emperor Civ V Tier List

MongoliaGenghis KhanMongol Terror
SwedenGustavus AdolphusNobel Prize
GermanyBismarckFuror Teutonicus

One of our recommendation from the Emperor Civ 5 tier list is Sweden due to Pottery, and animal husbandry. This does not just end here, if you want an extreme fight with your opponents then this tier is best fits. Diplomatic victories choices have Sweden at number 1, in this, you’ll earn more influence and respect.

Immortal Civ 5 Tier List

AztecMontezumaSacrificial Captives
KoreaSejongScholars of the Jade Hall
ChinaWu ZetianArt of WarDruidic Lore
SiamRamkhamhaengFather Governs Children
EgyptRamesses IIMonument Builders
BrazilPedro IICarnival
Shoshone PocatelloGreat Expanse

As we’ve said earlier, the difficulty will expand as we going down with the list. Immortal as its name suggests this tier is strong and difficult as well as helpful in aspects of advantages. Immortals were an elite huge soldier unit. Kept constantly at a power of 10,000 men.

Deity Civ V Tier List

BabylonNebuchadnezzar IIIngenuity
PolandCasimir IIISolidarity

The final difficulty level is Deity in Civilization V. This tier is the toughest and competitive tier to compete in the entire list. It requires the focuses and good strategic planning to fight with the AI enemies. Featuring maybe only 2 civs but both are dominant.

But if you’re already intermediate in the game and have already competed in the above tiers then it will not be that difficult for you. But if you’re just learning the game then we suggest you not consider these civs go back to settings and lower the difficulty to any other like SETTLER or CHIEFTAIN. Otherwise, you can give it a attempt. 😉

Some Final Words

You must have different tactics for every civilization to overcome the attempts. The more you play the more ideas you will get about to come up with the best strategies and styles.

I hope you liked this guide to Civ 5 Tier List, now you should follow this and select the best nation in your next game and get the victory. If you found anything missing in this guide then do let us know in the comments. If you any other civilization that is worth playing and needs to be included in this list then share with us we will add it. Don’t forget to share this list with your fellows let them know about how to choose the best civilization in Civ 5. Till then stay tuned with Engamez for useful guides just like this one.

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