How To Fix iPhone Won’t Charge Issue In All iPhones

Do you have an iPhone? And using it since few years? So you know that there’s a big problem in iPhone smartphones and that problem are popularly known as iPhone Won’t Charge it means that a lot of iPhone users are facing this issue in their device like their iPhone is not charging properly, iPhone won’t turn on and other some big problems. I faced this problem after two and half years since the day I purchased my iPhone 5s, one day in the morning I plugged my iPhone 5 into the wall socket, and my iPhone wasn’t charging. I thought that cause of problem is Wall Plug, then I tried to charge using my Windows 10 laptop then again the same problem my iPhone won’t charged πŸ™

So if your iPhone is not charging then this guide will surely help you to get rid of this issue and this is the reason that why peoples are switching to Android Smartphones. I think this is the only biggest problem that every iPhone user is facing. There are lots of reason that why your iPhone won’t charge. Few people are thought that the problem is occurring due to the battery but there might be some other possible reason for iPhone won’t charge or turn on and they used to purchase a new battery or go to the service center and the Apple Technician charged you some bucks to fix that small issue, some of the reasons why my iPhone won’t charge given below.

  1. There’s in your Wall Adapter or Plug
  2. You’re not using the original iPhone charger adapter to charge your iPhone
  3. May be there’s a problem with your iOS version installed on your iPhone
  4. There’s a problem with your bottom micro USB port or problem with your USB cable
  5. Or any be another reason.

You know that the same problem also occurs in iPad, so if you’ve also an iPad then this guide will double help you to fix your iPhone and iPad devices, I recommended you to bookmark this page for future reading if you’re currently busy, because this guide will help you for sure, so why not give it a try πŸ˜‰

One my friends have an iPhone 6 and he also checks that his iPhone 6 won’t charge, then I’ve recommended these ways to fix this issue.

Well, let’s move to the possible methods to fix iPhone is not charging issue. I will show you that what cause of an iPhone and iPad no to change and also show you some methods to fix this iPhone won’t charge problem

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How To Fix iPhone Won’t Charge Issue in all iPhones

So let’s move to the main part of this article. I’ll be clearing all your doubts and problems that why your iPhone won’t charge and turn on. Its cause may be anything but generally, if you try all these methods then your problem should be solved and your iPhone will start charging again and working properly.

I recommended you to these methods before replacing your iPhone battery, because this might not solve your problem, so follow below steps.

1. Hard Reset Yout iPhone

The first thing comes in my find when my smartphone(either it is Android or iPhone) is not working properly as it should. I’d do the first thing is hard reset my iPhone, this is the very effective method to fix iPhone won’t charge or iPhone won’t turn on issue, to hard reset your iPhone follow below steps.

Hard Reset iPhone 6S and older:

iphone 6s and newer hard reset
  • Press and hold Power button and Home button together
  • Wait for few seconds keep holding the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Now check that your iPhone 6 now start charging or not πŸ™‚

Hard Reset iPhone 7 and newer:

iphone 7 hard reset
  • Press and hold Power button and Volume down button together
  • Wait for few seconds keep holding the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Now check that your iPhone 6 now start charging or not πŸ™‚

2. Remove the junk from your iPhone’s charging port

Yes, junk in the Charging port or any other port is common and can create some problems. Dust, Debris or any other obstructions are the primary reasons for an iPhone won’t charge and their fix is really simple, you just need to keep clean the Charging port of your iPhone.

If there’s a piece cotton or thread get into port through your pocket or any other obstructions in the port then get it out of there. To clean the port β€” Use something like a toothpick, Q-Tip or dry toothbrush or you can also blow air from your mouth on the port but without saliva πŸ˜› it will also help because junk can prevent your phone from charging and doesn’t let port to work properly. Now check your iPhone that it starts charging or not, if not then keep reading.

3. iPhone Won’t Charge and Turn On Due to liquid Damage

iPhone Liquid Drops

If your iPhone is liquid damaged then your iPhone won’t charge or turn on because Liquid damage can short out some circuits in your iPhone and also in charging port, Even if you’ve dried out your iPhone and port as well with dry soft cloth it probably works now, otherwise you have to go to the Apple Service center.

4. Try a Different iPhone Charger or Adapter

There’re lots of different ways to charge an iPhone, and your primary way is to charge iPhone by plugging it into the wall socket if your iPhone won’t charge then try to charge with your Laptop or some other way. In case, when you connect your iPhone to an associated power source and your iPhone won’t charge because the iOS detects power fluctuation and due to this your iPhone’s software prevent it to charging as a protective measure.

iPhone Charger

If your iPhone won’t charge from the laptop then try with a different adapter, if it charges with one adapter and not with the previous one then the problem in your adapter.

5. Check iPhone’s Lightning Cable

Sometimes a small damage in your iPhone’s lightning cable will prevent an iPhone from charging. the hardware malfunction in USB Lightning cable also the reason an iPhone won’t charge, the only way to check out that your cable is get damaged or not. So use different cable or you can ask your friends to test his cable with your iPhone check that your iPhone is charging or not with your friend’s cable, if it is charging then you need a new Lightning cable to charge your iPhone.

iPhone's Lightning Cable

Note: Don’t use other low quality or inexpensive USB cable to charge your iPhone this will create problems for your iPhone so always use Apple’s Lightning USB cable to charge your iPhone.

It probably works now! No? keep reading.

6. DFU Mode and Restore Your iPhone

After trying all above methods still, your iPhone won’t charge, it time to put your iPhone into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode and restore. Basically DFU mode is that mode which can factory reset your iPhone and wipe all of your data and get back to default settings as it comes when you purchased, it’s kinda similar to Android Smartphones there’s also an option to Factor reset and wipe all of your data, so you’ve to do this on your device to fix iPhone won’t charge problem. DFU mode can solve several software issues that prevent to iPhone not to charge or not to work properly.

DFU Mode and Restore iPhone

Read this detailed article about how to put iPhone into DFU mode and restore this article will guide you to restore your iPhone.

Still, Your iPhone Won’t Charge?

If your iPhone isn’t charging even after trying all above ways, then it’s time to go an apple Store to repair your iPhone and there has been damage on your iPhone or in its audio jack, or USB Typ-C or any other port then, they can offer you to replace your iPhone with the new one or they will take some days or weeks to fix your iPhone. So it’s for new iPhone, Enjoy!

So if you like this article or it works for you, then do share it with your friends to let them know that how to fix iPhone won’t charge problem without spending bucks on technicians, so share this article on your profile and if you’ve another method(s) to get rid of this problem then let us know in comments, I’ll update this article with your method πŸ™‚

All the best!

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