Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments for Armor, Melee, & Ranged Weapon

Our guide to Best Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment helps you familiarize all items that can be enchanted in the new title Minecraft Dungeons. In this, we’re covering the best enchantments that help you to get the most out of the game.

The complete list of the enhancements to use on the weapons both Melee and Ranged and also Armor. If you have also played Minecraft for a very long time that might know about how enchantment can be useful to run in the game, However, if you’re playing Minecraft nowadays, we also have a guide for Best Enchantments list for Minecraft you can check this one later.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

So as we told you that, we compiled this list of enchantments according to their power and ability so your weapons like Bow, Mechanical ShortBow, Hammer and etc get powerful than usual. Also enchanting the Armor makes you more protective to reduce the damage when the mobs attack you.

Best Melee Weapon Enchantments

The best enchantment sfor close battle action. Get ready with your favourite melee weapons to add the more power and make them incrdebily versatiyl with these enhacntments.


Sharpness is the best enchantment for the Melee weapons. It makes your weapon more sharper that cause more damage to enemy. The tier of this enchantment can increase effectiveness of your weapon by 10% / 21% / 33%.

Using an axe can deal more damage on the top tier that can deal up to 33% damage. This will give you the more power to attack the enemy regardless of on which direction you swing an axe or in a zigzag manner. Sharpness is good when you’re in the fight with tons of mobs.


When you’re in combat with the cluster of mobs, Chains enchantment has the ability to bound them together for a short time. It is helpful for controlling the mobs’ group.

Melee player can get more benefits from this enchantment if is tanking type build the duration of the Chain increase 1, 2 to 3 seconds.


Looting increase the chance of the mobs to drop the consumables items. So if you also want loot while fighting with the mobs, then this enchanting works well. Not you but your whole group can get benefit from those consumable.

The tier of Looting enchantment varies or increases the chances of dropping the loot from 100%, 200% to 300%.


Another best enchntment for the Melee weapons and it works well while you’re in middle of the battle. Weakning reduces the attack damage of the all nearby enemeies for the five seconds when you attack on them.

This means when you attack your enemies this enchantment reduces the damage you get from enemies by 20%, 30%, and 40%.

We recommend you to always use the top level of this enchantment as it reduces the nearly half of the attack damage of the enemy.

Fire Aspect

If you want an easy damage that cause health loss of mobs then Fire Aspect enchantment works well. This enchantmesnt will sets mobs on fire for the 3 seconds and dealing the damage over time.

You just need to attack mobs once and watch them around burning in the fire. The damage deals with this enchantment depend upon per second. For instance, X damage per second and it can be increased up to a large level.

Best Ranged Weapon Enchantments

The ranged weapons are best for action in the large space battleground regardless of where are you shooting. Just take care of your aim and these enchantments will help you in the fight.


The infinity is the top enchantment for Ranged weapons and it can be enchanted on the Bows. You might have used Infinity enchantment on Bows in Orginal Minecraft, where you’ll get the chance to restock the arrows after shooting.

The same thing Infinity does in the Minecraft Dungeons. It gives the chance to replenish an arrow after the shooting which results in arrows that will last much longer. You’ll no need to worry much about the arrow supplies once you enchanted your bow with Infinity. The chance of arrow not being used from 16%, 32%, and 48% using Infinity.

Fuse Shot

This enchantment offers few shots that have a timed charge that explodes one second after impact, dealing 100% damage to nearby mobs.

The Fuse shot works well with the other enchantment especially the Infinity that generated the arrows. If you have a crossbow then it insanely works well and gives the 100%d damage to nearby mobs. The Fuse shot triggers every 5th, 4th, and 3rd shot.


A bow can be more powerful if enchant it with Power enchantment. This can be incredibly robust as it directly gives damage to the enemy. This enchantment boosts the arrow damage.

The level of damage starts from 10% and it increases to 21% and lastly 33%. The maximum level is recommended to deal maximum damage.


Another enhancement from the Minecraft that you can use in the Minecraft Dungeons. Multishot as its name suggests, you’ll be able to fire 5 arrows at once. This one is good for long-range firing on the cluster of mobs that deals the more damage when you fire once.

It grants the chance fire 5 arrows at once with tier you’ll get the 20%, 30%, and 40% chance of activating this enchantment.


This is another solid choice in the best Minecraft Enchantments. The reason for having Piercing in this list you to help you to enchant your weapons and make them as powerful as possible. The Piercing allows the arrows to fly through the multiple mobs.

When you fire an arrow sometimes this will gain the piercing effect, which allows them to give the damage to mobs where it flies through. The tier of the Piercing to give effect on every 3rd, 2nd, and finally every arrow.

Best Armor Enchantments

The armor enchantments are the life savior in Minecraft Dungeons. Make sure to enchant your armor, vest, helmet before entering the fight with the mobs. The best practices make you your team win game. The more you dodge the damage the higher will be the time you’ll survive in the battle and fight in the game.

Like the Weapons Enchantments, there’re tons of enchantments available for the Armor too. Sometimes it’s’ becomes tough for players to how to make their character more strong that can quickly refute the damage.

So here we’ve curated this list best Minecraft Dungeons Armor enchantments for a quick selection that you can use the become strong in the game.


A kind of shield added to your player that can reduce the damage taken from the enemies. This is the must-have enchantment on your armor you can save your health during fighting with mobs and it also helps in long survival in the game.

The best practice to deal with more damage is also to negate the damage as much as possible. The Protection enchantment levels reduce the damage by 6% also rise to 11% and lastly followed by 15%.


This will be throwing a blast on the mobs once every second. Snowball enchantment is useful when you’re fighting with powerful mobs, you can throw this blast on them so your enemy gets damage with distraction and you can deal more damage.

The lowest level of Snowball starts from the 5 seconds means you can throw the blast at the enemy every 5 seconds and this will rise to 3 seconds in tier 2 of the enchantment and finally the top level is 1 second. This is a very useful enchantment that you can for dealing more damage on the powerful mobs and also it will be fun seeing throwing the snowball blast on them gives you feel like winter season.

Final Shout

When your health drops below the 25% then Final Shout uses the all artifact regardless of reaching the cooldown time.

You must have the artifacts in order to see the effect of this enchantment, it might be risky but also gives you enough health to survive in the battle and kill the mobs.


If you love to roam around the dungeons in the game then this enchantment would be the best choice of yours. Also, you’ll gain a small amount of health roaming around the dungeons.

The tier of Explorer enchantment starts from 0.3%, 0.7%, and 1% health regained. That’s a very small amount but still, it’s better than gaining nothing.


This enchantment is est reducing the speed of enemies this will help you to target the perfect aim and fire at good accuracy. As its name suggests it freezes your enemy from being moved for a few seconds.

Sometimes you may get caught among the cluster of mobs then this enchantment work well in this situation. It a great idea to freeze the mobs around you and ran away from there if you think it seems hard to kill all of them.

The level of Chilling in lowest reduces the speed of mobs reduces to 20% it rise to -40% and followed by -60% reduced speed. So overall it’s a good armor enchantment for the situation like above.

I hope you liked this list of Minecraft Dungeons’ best Enchantment. Picking the best enchantments always been a headache in Minecraft and now in Minecraft Dungeons as well. However, you make the selection from the huge list but some players don’t have an idea for what situation an enchantment would be best.

That’s why we’ve showers everything you need to know about enchant in this guide. If this guide helped do share with your friends and fellow Minecraft Players and make the best group out of the box.

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