How to Disable or Block the Incoming WhatsApps Calls

As we’ve already discussed in our previous article i.e how to run dual WhatsApp accounts on the single android device, that WhatsApp is top and best-chatting messenger service which is handed on the Facebook Inc. Becuase WhatsApp has the unique and awesome features that don’t have the other messenger applications. WhatsApp is the greatest chatting and file sharing app ever 😉

The WhatsApp is used by 101 million of Asian users, 45 million of Europeans, 38 million of Latin Americans, 15 million of East Africans and 7 million of North Americans, so you’ve read about its popularity and usability.

50 Billion of messages that Whatsapp processed every day, 2 million of people install the WhatsApp on their smartphone and start chatting and calling and then they remain engaged with this app than on any other messenger app services. and one more is special about WhatsApp, that it is absolutely free 🙂

Recently few months ago the company added the new feature in WhatsApp that is a Calling feature, through this feature we can make a call of our WhatsApp contacts on mobile with data pack. But sometimes we received some unknown or unnecessary calls through this features, but the company has no included any blocking or blacklist feature in the WhatsApp Contact manager, so this is very big problem for some users. So today we’re going to this tutorial to block WhastApp calls of any account to not receiving the unknown receiving calls.

Block WhatsApp Calls

There is no any feature in this app that can disable the WhatsApp calling feature, so we’re going to share an easy method to block WhatsApp Calls for free and fast.

So just follow the below steps to block WhatsApp calls on any android smartphone for free this tricks is really working and it block any number on your WhatsApp contacts. This method is 100% root free son you no need to root your phone. 🙂

How To Block WhatsApp Calls On Android Smartphone:

  1. First of all download the file.
  2. Now install this app on your android phone.
  3. Now open the app and follow the bellow instructions to block WhatsApp calls:
    Choosing the type option “Mobile” then check the WhatsApp Calls Disabler option.
    Now check the Incoming Call option.
  4. You’re done. Now Enjoy WhatsApp without unknown incoming calls.

If you want to enable WhatsApp calling the function again then simply uncheck the WhatsApp Calls Disabler option or remove the Disable EhatsApp Call app from your smartphone.


If you’ve any problem or facing any error during this process then feel free to ask through the comment, and if you successfully disable the WhatsApp calling feature then give your feedback and share this post with your friend to help him to block WhatsApp calls.

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