Install Android Marshmallow MIUI 8 On Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G/4G

Are you getting with bored with Android Lollipop 5.0 o on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G / Note 3G 🙁 and want to something new and different on your Redmi Note 4G, so why are you not install Android Marshmallow 6.0 and MIUI 8 on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and 3G?

This guide helps you to install Android Marshmallow on your Redmi Note 4G via OTA updater app and also helps you to manually download the MIUI 8 package and install it on your handset. Now that’s good and interesting guide for you ;). Now let’s discuss What’s new in Android M 6.0. Android Marshmallow is launched on September 2015 and it firstly available for only Nexus devices as Developer preview then the original non-developer version launched in the market then most of the companies rolled out the next Android marshmallow 6 updates for their eligible device. As Xiaomi also rolled out the Marshmallow update which commonly named as MIUI 8 for Redmi Note 4G and Note 3G.

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When you received the OTA update notification on your Redmi Note 3G or 4G then due to slow internet connection it will show the download failed the update, so this is the big problem for some Redmi Note 4G users, then we will go to share this post to install manually OTA update package or file on your Redmi Note 4G or Redmi Note 3G.

Things to do before updating to MIUI 8:

  • Your phone charged up to 80%
  • You have minimum 2GB free storage on your memory
  • You should have the faster Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection to prevent the download failed error or corrupted update file.
  • Download the update for Redmi Note 3G
  • Download the update for Redmi Note 4G

Download Update via OTA updater app:

  • Now Open your package updater app
  • Then, it will prompt to download the MIUI 8 update on your phone.
  • Now at the bottom tap on Check For Updates
  • Simply tap on yes to download the update.

Recommended How To guides:

If download failed error occur then follow the below manual steps.

Installing Manually OTA update:

  • First of all download OTA update from above download link for particular device
  • Now move the downloaded file to your phone’s internal memory
  • Then again open the updater app and select the Choose Download Package option.
  • Select your downloaded update file
  • It might take up to 5-6 minutes to be install, so keep waiting.
  • Enjoy the MIUI update on your Note 4G or 3G


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